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2013-12-16 6:09 PM

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Subject: Half Marathon maintenance and improvement plan?
Hello everyone!

I just completed my first half marathon without walking since ITBS sidelined me a year ago. Looks like I'm strong enough now to add some speed work maybe once every other week into a run focused training plan (while building a base for swimming and biking) for another Half Marathon happening mid to late March 2014. What I'm looking for is some suggestions to maintain and improve my running fitness for that upcoming race AND following that for Vineman 70.3 in July. Can anyone give me a suggested plan? I can run 4-5x/week now. I was thinking about this schedule the week following New Year's Day:

Sunday: Long Run
Monday: Short bike
Tuesday: Short run and swim
Wednesday: Medium run and bike
Thursday: Short run (speed work) and easy swim
Friday: Short run and swim
Saturday: Long bike

I'm currently at 25mpw and most of my runs have been in Zone 2 or easier breathing. I'm thinking short runs of 3-4 miles and medium runs of 6-7 miles. It's the long runs I'm mainly curious about... Before my half marathon my longest run was 12 miles LSD on the 14th. How should I lay out my long runs using 3 weeks build and 1 week recovery?


2013-12-17 10:39 AM
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Subject: RE: Half Marathon maintenance and improvement plan?
This site has some nice plans, you should be able to find something here.
2013-12-17 11:50 AM
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Subject: RE: Half Marathon maintenance and improvement plan?


Congrats on getting through the ITBS. My recommendation would be to go to a 3 week training plan - 2 week of solid work, 4-5 easy days, then back on track for the 3rd weekend. This takes away the full recovery week and it will give you more quality workouts over time. And most importantly, less chance for injury. I've used this formula successfully, personally and with my athletes (I've been coaching for just over 25 years). Using a 4 block period is fine but really only appropriate when you are training a high volumes - 20-+ hours a week. Otherwise, you can get away with what I suggested.

You are coming off an injury and yes I don't see a day off on the schedule. The way I would set up the plan would be:
Monday off or easy recovery swim

Tuesday - short / hard bike, run off the bike 30- (minutes)

Wed - Longer Swim / weights

Thurs - bike / run 30'

Friday - swim / easy run (if that's your limiter)

Sat - swim/bike/run

Sun - long run  / easy recovery bike

Speed on the run should be done 50 weeks a year - this includes 30" (second) pickups - build up to 10x30" at 5k pace.

Other workouts should include tempo running (HM pace) either off the bike or at the end of the your long runs.

Track work - that's the final 5% and you don't really need that, but if you are so inclined start that 10 weeks out from your A race.

Also, we have great plans in the Gold membership and a custom plan creator as well. Happy to help so feel free to send me or post questions here.


Good luck!




2013-12-17 3:42 PM
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Los Angeles, CA
Subject: RE: Half Marathon maintenance and improvement plan?
Thanks Mike! :D

Question about Saturday, is that swim or bike or run? Or all 3?

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