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2013-12-22 7:40 AM

Subject: Triathlon Poems
Good morning just wondering if anyone out there knows if any good Triathlon Poems .Thanks happy training.

2013-12-23 6:01 PM
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Subject: RE: Triathlon Poems
There once was a triathlete from Texas
Who drove to races in his lexus
He said with a grin
As he finished the swim
Only two thirds left in my one forty point six-us

2013-12-23 7:51 PM
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Greenville, SC
Subject: RE: Triathlon Poems

there is a haiku thread in CoJ right now.

2013-12-25 12:01 AM
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Great White North
Subject: RE: Triathlon Poems
2013-12-29 4:39 PM
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Subject: RE: Triathlon Poems
Here's an original.

I get a rush when I roll my bike through the entrance gate
and rack the beast and lay out my stuff and start the wait
like some brave warrior with his steed at the battle site
checking his gear in readiness for the coming fight

I get a rush standing there along the shore
Eyes on the man with the upraised hand who'll open the door
And set the sea of cloned swim caps plunging in
With flailing arms and focused faces and glistening skin.

I get a rush surging out in a spray of mist
My legs pump, my brain repeats its mental list
I get a rush when I come to my spot in the transition zone
Along with the others who race together and race alone

I get a rush when the wind pushes my sweating face
My wheels a blur, the pedals pound their measured pace
With riders in front and riders behind and muscles that ache
Determined not to be overtook, but to overtake

I get a rush when my feet pound on the earth once more
Despite the fatigue and the final trial I know is in store
Keeping my form and keeping my breath steady and deep
Hoping I have something left for the final leap

I get a rush standing there at the finish line
Drink in my hand, cheering the others running past the sign
Buoyed by the warm camaraderie I come upon
Each time I join the community of triathlon
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