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2013-12-25 7:29 PM


Subject: I'm new here
I made a goal to complete a triathlon with my wife this year. We are aiming for June 2014. I had not been interested in a tri due to the swim. When my wife mentioned that she wanted to do a full triathlon my immediate response was, "I am doing it too; can't have you one upping me!" I am quite worried about the swim. I have done a couple sprint duathlons and I bike to work most days. We are excited to get into shape and complete a major goal.

2013-12-26 10:06 AM
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Subject: RE: I'm new here

Welcome to BT!

Stay confident, check out the Tri Talk forum, ask some questions, search for a free training plan, and then, most of all, HAVE FUN!

2013-12-26 10:13 PM
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Subject: RE: I'm new here
1stTimeTri is right - just have fun with it all. I only wanted to offer up some swimming encouragement. I started out with no physical training of any kind so you are already ahead of me but like you I was most concerned about the swimming.

On January 2nd 2012 I went to our local pool for the first time. I lucked into a good swimming group with a coach that meets every M/W/F at 9:00am. I couldn't swim 50m without gasping for air at the start but with persistence and consistence I slowly gained speed and endurance up to now. Swimming takes practice and needs guidance with some amount of coaching - start training now and don't put it off. It is really critical to get comfortable in the water and as soon as your water temps are comfortable get out and practice swimming in open water as well. I now love my swimming and racing but my very 1st sprint swim was bad because I got too excited.

Don't worry too much about the swim - you can do it. I'll be racing as a 64yr old in 2014 so you really shouldn't have too much trouble.

Good Luck.
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