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2013-12-27 8:57 AM

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Subject: Heart rate monitor(s) for bike and run
Trying to sort through all the various systems, apps etc for heart rate monitors.

I currently use the Runtastic road bike app on my iPhone to track distance, time, pace. It has the functionality to track HR, and I know I can just get a chest strap to work with the iPhone on the bike, but I don't want to carry the phone when I run and would prefer not to wear a watch on my wrist while biking. Not too concerned about HR in the swim.

It looks like for the run I will have to go with a different system (Polar, Garmin etc). Is that the case? I would like to try and keep all my data in one system.

Is there a chest strap that works with a wrist-mounted HR monitor AND the iPhone 4?

Just about to kick off the new season and would like to track HR levels to bump up performance. Any recommendations for a system that works across all disciplines but that won't break the bank?



2013-12-27 2:28 PM
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, North Carolina
Subject: RE: Heart rate monitor(s) for bike and run
I'm in the same boat and I havn't found much that would work both ways... Also, with an iPhone 4 none of the bluetooth HRMs on the market will work with it because they need Bluetooth 4.0 and only the 4s and late work with that.

That said... I think that any of the HRM's that use ANT+ could be used with the iPhone 4... I use mapmyride and I'm thinking about getting the Wahoo run kit which had the HRM and the ANT+ key for the iPhone... Then you can also get a cadence device for the bike that works along side the HRM...

As far as using the phone for the bike and watch for the run... Maybe look into a Garmin... Those use ANT+ So you could use the HRM with the watch for the run and then use a Garmin ANT+ key for the phone on the he bike....

I hope that helps... Thats the best I can think of...
2014-02-01 6:52 AM
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Subject: RE: Heart rate monitor(s) for bike and run
As you know I work for Polar. If your close to getting newer iPhones then go with a BT hr strap, and a good waterproof handlebar mount for the phone. Running with no phone , cycling with phone and wanting to download and having bike and run data download to one diary, your training watch determines a lot. I can describe Polar more off line if needed.
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