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2014-01-07 9:55 PM

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Phoenix, Arizona
Subject: Water in Ears
Has anyone heard of or used the Ear Band-it? I need to keep water out of my ears & found this online. I have tubes in my ears, so I don't want to use alcohol drops. I use silicone plugs; they do ok until they leak with no warning. That's no good! Any other tips?

Thanks everyone!


2014-01-21 2:53 PM
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Subject: RE: Water in Ears
Those ear bands are made of a neoprene material, There used mostly with children to hold earplus in. They wrap around the head and have a velcro closure. Since they can not be placed tightly around the head/ears I dont see how thay can hold the earplugs in. Just to keep them from falling all the way out. Much better is a home made swim band made from a silicon cap or a complete silicon cap with a bubble strap cap over in a snug head size. That and some good ear plugs, Macks, or custom molded. go over any tips with your Doctor . Tips to keep out water Use With The Earplugs Watergear makes bubble caps in head sizes wear a race cap

over if you want.
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