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2014-01-29 2:04 PM
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Subject: RE: Fluid trainer resistance
Originally posted by axteraa

Originally posted by fisherman76
Originally posted by TriDadinAsheville
Originally posted by axteraa

Just repeating my question from above.

When it happens, do you have to shift to a harder gear and/or increase your cadence to hit the same watts?

Sorry, missed it amongst all the replies. Cadence and gearing doesn't change to hit the same watts. just the amount of effort required increases drastically. To the point that i literally can't even touch the same wattage that I was sustaining earlier, even for a couple seconds.
If gearing and cadence don't change for the same wattage, I hate to tell you, but it ain't the trainer

Seeing as it's virtual watts with TR (I'm making an assumption there), I'd be inclined to think the opposite.  If gearing and cadence don't change then speed doesn't change.  Virtual watts are derived from speed so if RPE is suddenly going way up to maintain the same speed then something is providing additional resistance.  It would have to be the trainer or something rubbing on the wheel I would think (or somewhere else along the drivetrain)?  I suppose they could be suddenly getting tired but it really doesn't sound like that to me if I'm understanding correctly.

Edit to add: the reason I asked the question was if they suddenly had to shift or increase cadence that might suggest a problem with the speed sensor, maybe a misaligned magnet or something.

To the OP, can you post a link to a workout that it happened in?

that's exactly my point though...if 'wattage' is the same, and that wattage is calculated from trainerroad's virtual algorithm, that's being calculated by wheel speed and a resistance curve. If you don't change your gearing or your cadence and the 'wattage' is the same, that means the resistance is also the same, because the wheel speed is the same as well. What TriDadinAsheville said is that the *amount of effort required increases dramatically*, which is the only other variable in the equation.
If gearing changed to generate the same wattage at the same cadence, that would be a change in resistance.
If cadence changed to generate the same wattage in the same gear, that would be a change in resistance.
If RPE increases but everything else is held constant, that's just fatigue.

In the spirit of being helpful however, I don't know what TR does to interpret missing if your sensor normally sends say, 1 packet a second, and the battery is low and starts sending it every 2 seconds instead, does trainerroad linearly interpolate the missing information? If there is some data compensation in there that could drag the wheel speed down, then the 'wattage' would go with it. Long and short -check your battery on the sensor I vaguely remember having an issue with my battery a while ago affecting TR, but I don't think it was behaving this way.

2014-01-31 11:55 AM
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Subject: RE: Fluid trainer resistance
This is my first post here, thought I've been a lurking and soaking it all in for quite a while now. So I hope I can contribute.

This may seem silly, but could it possibly be your rear hub? The reason I ask is that my bike does this sometimes out on the road. I'll be riding and it feels like someone put the brakes on. Get off, and everything turns fine. It's happened a few times and someone mentioned to me that it could bearings? I too can feel the "warm-up" on the trainer where resitance changes about 5-6 minutes into my ride. But i've never had the braking feeling on the trainer like I have on the road.
2014-01-31 1:11 PM
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Subject: RE: Fluid trainer resistance

Originally posted by spudone

Cycleops Fluid 2 definitely has a "warm-up" time, where once you ride it a bit, the resistance will bump up and then stay there.  But I usually hit that within about 5 minutes, not an hour.  Was your tire slipping or something like that?

I get this same step-up on my Performance fluid trainer now.  Depending on temps, about 5-10 minutes into the ride, it's about 20% harder effort it seems. 

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