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2014-02-01 5:27 PM

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scotland, Maryland
Subject: St. Mary's - where to ride and swim
Hello Folks, I'm a new transplant to Maryland, and in St. Mary's to be precise. Took a season off to complete some other tasks, now its time to get back to Tri.
I'm looking for some good ride routes and a place to swim where a gym membership isn't required. Where I lived before, I could swim at the local school for $2 per visit, hoping to find something similar. And what are some good routes around here where I wont get slaughtered along the highway....
Any help/insight is appreciated.

2014-02-02 4:31 PM
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Subject: RE: St. Mary's - where to ride and swim
Welcome to Maryland! My son is a recent graduate of St. Mary's College. During my many visits I took advantage of biking in Southern Maryland. The shoulders are wide, and the roads are biker friendly. The motorists are used to us. The ride to the Point is awesome! Check out the Pax Velo Cycling Club. They should know of plenty of routes. In September of each year they sponsor the St. Mary's Century which is a great ride! I believe there is a Tri Club on the Naval Base you may want to check out. They have weekly open water swims in the summer. There is a beautiful Swim Center in Calvert County about 15 miles North of the bridge on Route 4. I used to stop there on my way to St. Mary's for a swim. The cost is $5 but you can get a 10 visit pass for less. I hope this helps.
2014-02-02 6:14 PM
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Subject: RE: St. Mary's - where to ride and swim
Hey there! Welcome to SMC! There is a ton of good riding here. Where in the county are you located? I am central. I like to ride in Piney Point, Point Lookout, California, Leonardtown, St. Mary's City...our shoulders are pretty wide here.

Great Mills Pool offers $3 lap swim. M, W, F they open at 6AM. T/Th they open at 8am I think. You cannot beat that.
2014-02-02 6:44 PM
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scotland, Maryland
Subject: RE: St. Mary's - where to ride and swim
I appreciate the info, and the swim at great mills sounds like a good possibility. I was just out exploring more of the county today and went all the way down to point lookout, st. inigoes, and st. Mary's city, all of which were gorgeous. there is definitely going to be some great rides down here. im going to be located in the western part of the county (7th district).
keep me in mind when the weather gets nicer and anyone wants a riding partner, im always up for company on the road.
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