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Newport, North Carolina
Subject: Okinawan Food
So my wife is Japanese and we are currently living on Okinawa. I have to say that I have seen my nutrition goals surpassed since I have starting eating Japanese only foods. Not the fast foods and snacks that are in every convenience store but wholesome foods packed with nutrients.

Goya (Bitter Melon) is a super food and is packed with vitamin c. Its good stir fried with tofu or egg and rice.
Okinawa Soba or Soba in general.
Fish, Fish, Fish including sushi and rolls.
Most of the sugar here is local, unrefined cane sugar which is delicious and only a little bit goes a long way.
The fresh green tea here is awesome, full of antioxidents and of course oolong tea helps with digestion.

I have lost fat but gained muscle but have remained a healthy 180 lbs which is normal or a guy that is 5'8"

Just an idea for someone that is looking for an alternative diet.
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