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2014-03-10 5:10 PM

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Nashville, TN
Subject: Tri Clubs in Nashville
I live in West Nashville, and currently do almost all of my training solo. I've been thinking about joining a tri club, partly for some group training options and partly to actually meet some triathletes in the area.

I think that the Nashville Tri Club and the Trace Bikes Tri Team would be the two closest to me, but I couldn't find very much info about what they actually do as teams. It looks like NTC does group rides at R.B.'s Cyclery in Franklin, while I would assume the Trace team does the Trace group rides that are open to the public. And I know NTC did some OWS clinics last year, also open to the public. Do they do anything else as a group? Would trying out the two group rides be a good comparison of clubs? Or can anyone tell me more about either of them? Thanks!

2014-03-11 11:06 AM
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Nashville, TN
Subject: RE: Tri Clubs in Nashville
welcome, i would email them or get on their google group, also look into beat (brentwood endurance athletes)
also of group rides, runs and swims in the summer
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