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2014-03-12 4:06 PM

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Herriman, Utah
Subject: Best safety equipment
There were two cyclists hit and killed here in Utah today and part of the reason was poor lighting, driver visibility and one of the cyclists was wearing black pants and a dark blue jersey. As far as I have heard he wasn't texting. What are some of the best products on the market for visibility and functionality for swimming, biking and running? I saw these Revolights on Shark Tank but they were pretty expensive at $230. ( ) and these Tracer360 vests were cool and not that much ( ).

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2014-03-12 4:39 PM
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Subject: RE: Best safety equipment
When running, I swear by my Nathan's vest (it's more like a series of straps) and Petzl headlamp. They're both cheap and effective. However, I like to think that the best safety equipment is the brain. I don't run on poorly lit roads after dark - I'm lucky enough to live very close to a great trail. When cycling, even in the daytime I avoid roads without shoulders, high-traffic areas or anything else that might leave me vulnerable. I don't run or bike with headphones. Though, I can see both sides of the headphones argument. I just don't like the idea of anything sneaking up on me. So far, it's worked and I haven't had any issues with traffic - all of my injuries have been self-inflicted.
2014-03-12 8:32 PM
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Subject: RE: Best safety equipment

light yourself up like a christmas tree, and wear as much reflective stuff as you can!

there are a thousand choices in all price ranges for lighting.  Some of the Cree T-6 "magic shine" style lights on ebay are dirt cheap (like $25) and super bright.


Or- you could do all your riding on a trainer.  they're safe (blah

2014-03-12 9:16 PM
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Subject: RE: Best safety equipment

Brain first and best yes.

Next best for dusk is a bright rear blinkie that's powerful, like a Planet Mars 3.0 or PB Superflash. 

2014-03-13 6:28 AM
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Harrisburg, PA
Subject: RE: Best safety equipment

I wear a reflective lighted vest similar to this when running (ETA - even during daylight hours if I'm in a high traffic area) :


I don't ride in the dark, but even during the day, I always try to wear contrasting colors that stand out.  Most people seem to like outrageous designs for their cycling jerseys because they're cool.  I like them because it's more visible.  This is one of my favorites:


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2014-03-13 6:49 AM
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Subject: RE: Best safety equipment
Common sense.

If it's dark out, light yourself up or stay off the road. Reflective gear doesn't help at dusk for an inattentive driver with their headlights off.

2014-03-13 1:24 PM
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Subject: RE: Best safety equipment

Biking - front and rear flashing lights that are bright (Blackburn, I think) and typically a brighter jersey, like with red, yellow, etc. graphics, bright yellow brain bucket.  Running - Nathan vest with 360* reflective striping, usually a headlamp (when it's dark) and reflective bands on my ankles.  I don't want anyone to try to use the excuse, "I didn't see her".  Swimming - I don't do open water swims too often (other than races), but when I do it's in an area where boats can't go and I wear a bright cap (orange, usually).

2014-03-13 1:50 PM
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Subject: RE: Best safety equipment

My favorite nighttime product is this:

I got it for running, but I also have worn it biking. I loosened the straps and fit it around my backpack even.  It's SOOO SOOO easy to wear, totally worth the money.   I've had other reflective vests that can get sweaty and don't have the lights built in.  This is the best.

2014-03-13 2:10 PM
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Subject: RE: Best safety equipment

High powered lights.  Not just the cheap stuff...invest in the USB rechargable lights that are usually locked up in the glass case at the LBS.  I use a 60 lumen tail light that cost me $60 for commuting.  I know I have a good light when other cyclists I bump into while commuting to work tell me that they absolutely cannot ride behind me because my light is too bright.

You need a light that pops out to drivers given the other lights in their vision.  Other car tail lights, traffic lights, street lights, houses and businesses on the side of the road, etc.  If you're using a $20 light you got off the shelf...chances are it's not going to stand out...and a driver will only see the light if they already saw you as a cyclist first.

2014-03-13 2:35 PM
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Arden, North Carolina
Subject: RE: Best safety equipment
nathan also has a beanie had with a bunch of small LED lights in them that are supposedly visible for 300 feet. Though they won't light your path, they're intended for people coming from behind you. I'd also go with a vest too. I have a super cheap vest that came with an emergency roadside repair kit that I acquired at some point. Works well in the winter, wouldn't want to wear it in the summer, but i rarely run in the dark in the summer.
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