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2014-03-26 3:36 PM
in reply to: mike761

Apple Valley, Minnesota
Subject: RE: swim goggles
Originally posted by mike761

Swimmers use Swedes.

At $3.00 a pair its the cheapest triathlon gear you will ever buy.

I Have had swedes for the pas 20+ years and tried others, I become my own gasket, I usually have those things so tight my eyeballs fill them, but that’s me. Nothing worse than a loose leaky goggle (eye cup?).

2014-03-26 3:57 PM
in reply to: GotBackup

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Subject: RE: swim goggles
+15 (or whatever number we are on) for sweedes. They are all I have ever worn since my youth days of TYR socket rockets and I will never wear anything else. I have done everything from sprints to IM's in them with never a single problem.

With that said, most goggle problems like leaking and eye/face pain are from overtightening. I can't count the number of people I see at the Y that complain their goggles leak and they keep tightening the goggles until their face is about to pop. I simply loosen the goggle straps for them to a light tenision and the leaking problems stop.
2014-03-26 5:28 PM
in reply to: clemson05

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Subject: RE: swim goggles
I just got a pair of aqua sphere k180s. They fit my face really well and stay on consistently off the blocks (despite my pathetic excuse for dives) I've tried sweeds off and on and I never found them conformable.
2014-03-26 8:43 PM
in reply to: bigevilgrape

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Subject: RE: swim goggles
I started with speedos then moved to aquaspheres and I have now been on tyr spec ops for the past year. I can't recommend these enough perfect in every way.
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