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2014-04-13 6:54 PM

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South Florida
Subject: DTR Endurance
Anyone done a DTR endurance race at Johnathan Dickinson park? I signed up for the 10K but Mrs Turnin2 wanted to do the 5K and it is sold out. Her achilles is still healing and we are wondering how the trails the race is held on are. She did a 10K this morning and did well, but is afraid of re-injuring her ankle if the trails are very uneven and filled with roots. Hard packed dirt should be no problem but she just wanted some input if anyone has done this race in the past.

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date : July 9, 2007
author : AMSSM
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The consensus is that caffeine does enhance performance and decreases perceived exertion in endurance exercise. There are no significant performance benefits in short, high-intensity exercise.
date : October 30, 2005
author : Rich Strauss
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By focusing on your limiters during the off-season you can accrue your highest rate of return for training time invested and set yourself up well for next season.
date : July 17, 2005
author : AMSSM
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If a training program increases in intensity too quickly, or does not include enough time for recovery, injury can result.
date : May 30, 2005
author : infosteward
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All you have to do is say you’re a triathlete and you intimidate the whole world. No matter how much you bench press or what you lift or how many squats you can do.
date : May 30, 2005
author : AMSSM
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A general stretching program should be an essential component of every endurance athlete’s warm-up prior to training or competition.
date : May 16, 2005
author : Glenn
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The real secret to improvement in running and bike times is variety within the routine. Endurance activity requires you to vary your training for maximum results.
date : February 28, 2005
author : AMSSM
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It is difficult to replace water losses during exercise. The following principles will help prevent dehydration during endurance training and racing.
date : September 4, 2004
author : priscilla
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Good swimming is relaxed swimming. Relaxed swimming depends on practicing the best techniques and the best body position.