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2014-04-16 1:37 PM


Subject: Running Shoes
Hi guys!

I've been running in an old pair of Nike's that are rather heavy and with 6 weeks before my tri and 8 weeks of runnings in these weights, I wanted to buy a pair that I'd have time to break in and that fit comfortably. I'm a size 10.5 in running shoes and have a semi-wide foot. Anybody run the following??

New Balance Minimus Zero V2- I dig the minimal design, but don't know how they would do with 5-7 miles/running sessions on the street

Asics Men's Gel Lyte33- like the amount of cushion and light weight

Anyways, wanted to know everyone's opinion based on training in these shoes and review of finishing a tri in these shoes. Thanks in advance!

2014-04-16 4:05 PM
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Subject: RE: Running Shoes
You don't mention what model of Nike's you are using, but judging from your description of "rather heavy" I'll assume that they are your standard running shoes with plenty of cushioning and a typical 10-14 mm drop from heal to toe.

If this is the case, I would strongly encourage you to stay away from any "minimalist" shoe with 0-6 mm of will destroy your calf muscles and possibly have issues with your achilles. Transitioning to something like this takes most people many months. Both of models you mention are 6mm or less of drop, so I personally would advise against either one based upon what you have stated...

Sure, knocking a few ounces off of your shoe weight is helpful, but you should not expect to see a significant difference in your running times...

If your current shoes have more than 350 to 400 miles on them, or are just "old" in general, then you should look to replace them. I'd head to your local running specialty store where they have a good selection and a reputation of knowledgeable people who are runners. They should watch you run, and then, based upon your cadence, foot strike, etc. recommend a few different models. Try them each out, run in each of them, and go with the one that "feels" right to you. I'd advise strongly against buying online without trying them on.

Best of luck to you!
2014-04-17 2:17 AM
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Subject: RE: Running Shoes
Thanks for all the input, the Nike's i currently run in are the Shox. However, all of the athletic shoes/cleats that I've worn in the past have been more minimalist which is why I feel like I would prefer them. And thank you for recommending a running store, I contemplated it and now will be looking for a store with a strong reputation.

Hopefully I can make it in this weekend and I will follow up with all advice and recommendations I get. And hopefully some new running shoes

Thanks again!
2014-04-17 5:51 AM
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Subject: RE: Running Shoes
Do you have a good running store by you, that can actually do an analysis of your gait and figure out what type of shoes will work the best for you? Mine watches me walk (and I was a neutral), so we went that route for trying different types to see how they fit, and then they have a treadmill set up where they record you running and can look at you in that position as well (which showed that while I was mostly neutral, I did have a tad over-pronation on my run). So they actually recommended a lite stability shoe...

I guess what I am saying is, get fitted for a shoe that works for your foot type because the wrong type can seriously screw up your feet and that would be more pain than its worth
2014-04-17 9:06 AM
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Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Subject: RE: Running Shoes

Not much to add here but the above advice is good.  Go and get fitted for a running shoe, yes it can be a bit more expensive to go to a shoe store but it is worth every cent.  I started running in a 'old' pair of Nikes as well.  It wasn't until I got a proper shoe that my running really started to take shape. 

2014-04-17 9:23 AM
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Subject: RE: Running Shoes

There are so many shoes out there for so many different feet and styles of running.  supportive, cushiony, flexible, minimal, low drop, normal drop, etc.

When it's time to buy new shoes, I read the magazine reviews, go on the running web sites, look at what other people are wearing, go into the store and tell them what I want to try.  Inevitably, the shoes that I thought were going to feel good, didn't, and I walk out with shoes that I never considered before.  There's just no replacement for trying them on.  A good running shoe store will have a few shoes in each category (but not every possible shoe), and hopefully, someone that will know about the shoes, will ask you all the right questions, and will guide you to some to try on.

NB Minimus and Gel Lyte33s are two very different kind of shoes.  I have no idea what will work best for you.  I can tell you what works for me- but I'm not sure that will help.  

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