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2014-06-07 8:58 AM

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Need to ask a question. This morning - I woke up focused about getting refocused about nutrition. After losing 25 pounds for Rev3 Quassy, my new goal is to lose 2 pounds per week over the next ten weeks and drop 20 lbs before IMMT. Doing so will help me avoid injury and enjoy the day more and accomplishing that goal is realistic because I set my calories deficit for 1200 calories a day - so I'm consuming about 1300 calories. But, my workouts leave me at an even larger deficit - more like 1500 and 1800 on the weekends. I don't think this is healthy or the right way to approach the weight loss. So my question is - should I eat more (actually try to come as close to my deficit as possible) with the goal of boosting my metabolism or should I just continue to run a larger deficit with the hopes of meeting my ultimate goal which is to lose 25 pounds between now and the race?

2014-06-07 10:23 AM
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Cloverdale, BC
Subject: RE: Calorie Deficit

The formula for calorie deficit is:

[Calories Eaten] - [Calories Burned from Metabolism] - [Calories Burned from Exercise] = [Deficit]

3500 calories of deficit will theoretically make you lose 1 pound of fat. So if you want to lose 2 pounds a week then you need a 1000 calorie daily deficit. 

If you are training for Ironman, you are probably burning 2000-3000 calories from exercise on some of your bigger days.  You can add those calories back into the Calories Eaten side by eating more on those days, and still maintain the deficit. 

Calculating calories burned from exercise is a bit sketchy because every website and every tool will spit out a different result.  And they are vastly different.  I've found that the most conservative estimates usually come from my Garmin devices.  So I use those numbers. 


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