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2014-06-25 7:14 PM

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Subject: Any one else doing the Warsaw Optomist Tri?
This is one of my favorite races, probably the best sprint in the area. Not looking forward to the weeds, but if you pull at them you can gain some extra forward momentum!

2014-06-27 7:08 AM
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Subject: RE: Any one else doing the Warsaw Optomist Tri?

Haha.....the weeds can be used to pull unless you're in the last old ladies wave like me, then the weeds are laying on the surface and you're swimming in a swampy mess.   This race is 4 miles from my house so I gotta do it, right?.   I'd signed up in March but wasn't sure if I'd race or just volunteer due to doing events the two previous weekends.    I decided this morn that I'm in just to have fun.  There's a small section of the road (about 4.5 miles on the bike course) where they did an awful job of patching some asphalt.  You'll need to get out of aero to safely get through the bumps.  Good luck to anyone coming to my town!

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