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Subject: Open Water Swim Coaching & Plant-Based Nutrition
I will be in Perth, WA from Dec 1st, 2014 to Feb 1st, 2015 available for coaching; open water swim and plant-based nutrition.

I am a competitive open water swimmer and swim coach based out of Toronto, Canada. Very passionate about swimming, specifically for open water and plant-based nutrition. This is not your local Masters team or Tri Club coached swim - 1 on 1 private coaching; you will learn and progress fast. There are secrets to fast swimming. Building my business, reputation and very successful client base. All tri/OWS levels; total beginner/novice to IM Worlds Kona. My largest nutrition client is a CDN athlete Olympic hopeful for Rio 2016 10km open water, narrowly missed London 2012. Just won a 15km race; July 12th/2014. Testimonials on my site.

LATERAL LINE: Unique sensory system of sharks that give them a strong advantage in the water...

LATERAL LINE AQUATIC TRAINING focuses on proper technique and training programs for endurance and speed in open water swimming. Learn the skills and conditioning for confidence and success in races. This includes comprehensive dryland programs sport specific to swimming faster; strength/power, flexibility/mobility, and core. The nutritional aspect is often missing from swim training/triathlon/endurance programs of all levels; LLAT has a strong focus, emphasis, knowledge and experience with 100% plant-based nutrition for performance, recovery, and overall health.

Coaching is purchased in blocks of four 1-hr private lessons. I recommend doing 1 session a week and I provide a custom designed workout with focus work/drills for you to work on through the week. I am also able to photo and video your stroke topside and U/W for immediate feedback - Go Pro Hero 3+. Clients range in age from 19 to 65, and I have coached all distances ranging from 350m to 8km.

-1 on 1 coaching: open water swimming and plant-based nutrition.
-Individualized training programs and workouts for your level to directly target and reach your goals.
-Learn proper streamline, breathing, stroke, kicking, sighting, flip-turns, open water skills, technique, and race strategy.
-Develop a strong feel for the water. You will be swimming smoother, faster and more efficiently after your first session.
-Online e-mail/Skype distance coaching is available too!


-NCCP Swim Coach
-Competitive Open Water swimmer
-Vegan Athlete: 100% plant-based
-15+ years personal training, fitness and sports nutrition
-Advanced & Rescue SCUBA/Shark Diver
-NLS Lifeguard, CPR/AED & 1st Aid

Instagram: lateral_line

"Water responds to streamline, technique, rhythm, and power. Find your LATERAL LINE." ~Coach T
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