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2014-08-17 4:21 PM

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Subject: Off-Season Training
I have read some other posts regarding what athletes do in the "off season". I am trying to find a solid routine the combines swim/bike/run but adds in some solid core and weight training. The idea being that it is diverse enough as to not burn me out for the "in season" training.

My goals for the off season are to build strength, tighten core, and maintain endurance. Any plans/programs you have used with success would be appreciated. Planning a 140.6 "A" race next season.


2014-08-17 10:04 PM
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Subject: RE: Off-Season Training
If you have an IM planned for next year I would suggest 10 hours a week ish with 3x s b r add core as needed. You can focus on one sport and drop back the other two if you want like 5x2x2. Then you can build reasonably fast for your IM. BT has some offseason plans. Jeorge has an offseason bike plan.
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