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2014-08-19 11:29 AM

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Midlothian, VA
Subject: Thinking about eating a LOT more tofu….advice?

I decided to pick up some tofu yesterday and I also found some udon, bagged and pre-cooked.

I LOVE fried tofu and the kind that is prepped at the Noodles & Co. restaurants. I hadn't bought any from the grocery in a long time and I was pleased to see it is rather competitively priced relative to most meats.

I'd love some advice on recipes, especially anything to get that nice dark, chewy, crusty texture.  Prep I can do in sizable batches in the oven would be preferred over pan-frying. I'd like to batch cubes or slices and have a lot in the fridge ready to toss in a quick stir-fry or just munch on randomly.

No plan on going meatless here, but I like tofu and the cost is attractive compared to beef etc these days.

Aslo, how does the shelf-stable stuff compare to the refrigerated? I've seen some pretty good deals online for bulk boxes.



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2014-08-19 12:37 PM
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Subject: RE: Thinking about eating a LOT more tofu….advice?
I'm no expert on cooking tofu but what I've found is the pan either fried or baked need to be hot before putting the tofu on it. An mazing discovery to me is to put the herbs and such on the pan while it is getting hot and that seems to release more flavors. I have not found a way to enjoy them in the frig yet, they have to be hot for me to like them but that is personal preference.

I dry the tofu 1st.

1. Coat the tofu with pecan meal if you have it, here in the south it is pretty easy to find, mix in some chili seasoning, salt etc

2, Coat in bread crumbs, if you do not have pecan meal, maybe some lemon juice and chili powder, salt and pepper.

For a sweeter snack
3. Coat in coconut flakes and lemon juice.

For a toast like substance, coat w/ olive oil, parmasian cheese and basil or rosemary.

4. Want fish flavor, how about lemon juice, seafood seasoning found in the grocery store or top w/ fake scallops and a little hot sauce, salt and pepper.

Use your imagination, it is all good as long as it is

2014-08-19 10:04 PM
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St. Louis
Subject: RE: Thinking about eating a LOT more tofu….advice?
I just started experimenting with tofu since my daughter claims she is now vegan. I asked her how she wanted her tofu cooked and she didn't know what tofu was, but that is another discussion :-). I normally cook on the grill and started researching tofu recipes and found out a couple things that have helped me grill some tofu. When you buy fresh tofu, it's usually packed in water so you want to drain the water plus compress more out of it so you can marinade flavor in. My last batch, I put the tofu on a dinner plate then put another plate on top of that with some weight on it for about an hour. That squeezed a lot of water out of it. Then figure out your marinade and put your tofu in a ziplock bag with it for a few hours turning it regularly. Things with salt like soy sauce and things with big flavor like garlic, paprika, and crushed peppers are perfect.

In my experiments, I grilled the tofu by cubing it and making it into shish ka bobs. With low heat, they warmed well, with medium to high heat they stuck to the grill. I've only run a couple experiments though and plan to run more.

Experimentation is key. Let us know what works for you. I could see eating a lot more tofu myself.
2014-08-20 6:35 AM
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Key West
Subject: RE: Thinking about eating a LOT more tofu….advice?
I don't eat a lot of tofu anymore because of the way it is processed and because I cut back on unfermented soy, but there is a local vegetarian restaurant that cuts tofu in slices (about 3/4 inch) and dips in a tempeh type batter and then deep fries it and serves it with a dipping sauce. Pretty tasty.

I use tempeh from time to time, which I actually like better because it has a nutty quality and is more solid and easier to grill and do stir fry with. Plus, it is fermented and not processed in the same way tofu is, so apparently healthier.

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2014-09-02 9:15 AM
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Subject: RE: Thinking about eating a LOT more tofu….advice?

I only buy the refrigerated tofu and almost always the super firm variety.

I like to slice it some thin - either in stick or small slabs - and then put a seasoning blend on it and then put in a hot not stick fry pan on med high heat.

I let it brown and get some crisp on both sides and then I'll make a sandwich or put it on a huge salad.
2014-09-02 5:00 PM
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Subject: RE: Thinking about eating a LOT more tofu….advice?

I buy the most firm (extra firm? super firm?) kind. Cut it however you want (I usually do cubes or strips) and then marinade it with either a dry spy rub or something liquidy like Rooster sauce. I don't marinade it for very long, maybe 30 mins. Line a cooking sheet with parchment paper and then bake it at 350 until it has the texture you want.

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