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Subject: First triathlon - 1 year today - Which bike?
Hi Guys/Gals,

So I've decided to do my first triathlon in exactly a years time.
Well, its either the triathlon event or the 70.3 Ironman - Depending on how the training etc goes.

I'm looking at purchasing a bike but was hoping to get some advice on which I should go for.

I have zero experience in buying Road bikes.

I have a £450 voucher for Evans Cycles (from work) and I'm willing to add around £100 - £150 towards that of my own money.!!price_from...

Above is a link with the bikes available within that price range -

Anyone available to give me some advice or suggestions on which one to purchase - would appreciate it a lot.

Thanks, Ryan

2014-08-30 6:05 PM
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Conroe, Texas
Subject: RE: First triathlon - 1 year today - Which bike?
The first question I would ask is how good is the shop your planning your purchase from. Riding a bike without a good fit can cause a whole array of issues which can cause you to loose valuable training time.

Do your research and make sure your comfortable with the reputation of the shop and the knowledge of the staff. Local cycling groups can be a valuable resource when researching bike shops. Just my 2 cents.
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