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2014-08-27 4:49 PM

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Lake Saint Louis, Missouri
Subject: First tri done, now to get faster
Hi all,

On Saturday I did my first triathlon. Well, my first race of any kind, ever, actually. The Lake Saint Louis Olympic distance [race report available]. To give a little context, two years ago I was a fat couch potato who got out of breath running for the bus.

I came in at 3h23m, which I believe to be respectable given my beginnings. I've set myself an ambitious goal to complete it next year in less than 3h. I'd like your feedback on how to make that happen. The rough plan in my head at the moment is to use the BT Intermediate Olympic distance training plan, and focus on the following -


My swim time was 43m, just under a 3m pace. My training was mostly about making the distance, and I left little room for quality work. I plan to get some 1 on 1 coaching over the off-season, really put in some time in the pool, and then be certain to incorporate more quality work into next year's plan. Hopefully maintaining my new found aerobic base will allow for this, and carrying an improved stroke into the training plan will get the most out of it.

I hope to drop at least 5m on the swim leg.


My bike leg time was 86m, a 16.7mph rate.

Having my first accident the week before the race destroyed my confidence in the bike and myself on corners. So that's an obvious point of improvement. Also, I was riding a regular road bike with no aerobars. Some clip-ons will definitely be in my future. I'll be getting a trainer set up in my office to log some miles over the off-season. Again, there will be more quality work in my bike training next year, and plenty of hill repeats.

With faster cornering and climbing, improved aerodynamics and hopefully increased overall bike fitness, I'd like to drop 10 minutes from my bike leg.


My run time was 1h10. This is where I should have done much better. My stand alone 10k record is 53m. I lost a lot of time to two things - I burned out too quick on the bike leg, and it was just horribly hot. Not much I can do about the heat, but I plan to leave a little more in the tank for the run, and train more specifically for running straight off the bike. I'm pretty sure I can make up more time in the run, than I lose from the bike.

I believe given my standalone 10k time, it's a realistic goal to drop 10m from my run.

Any thoughts? Am I crazy? Going about things completely the wrong way? Or do I have the beginnings of a recipe for success.

2014-08-27 9:30 PM
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Subject: RE: First tri done, now to get faster
There is a lot of low hanging fruit in those times. I think its very realistic to drop below 3 hours If you stick to the intermediate plan.
2014-08-27 9:52 PM
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Franklin, TN
Subject: RE: First tri done, now to get faster
Congrats on your 1st race!

I think you 're on the right track. Swim instruction, volume and some intensity are going to get you closer to a 30 min swim.

You'll need to work on your bike fitness too...that will come with more time in the saddle. If you work diligently on those two areas and at least maintain your run speed you'll break 3 hours.
2014-08-27 10:21 PM
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Extreme Veteran
Silicon Valley
Subject: RE: First tri done, now to get faster
Great job for your first time out. About transitioning from the bike to the run from a guy who is horrible at running. What I was doing before my first tri was running after every bike ride for one mile. It was not for speed (because I don't have any even on my best day) but just to get some familiarity with the feel of the transition. Getting comfortable with how the legs feel and how best to run that mile to shake off the bike legs and get the run legs under me.

I found it quite helpful to get me into a running rhythm more efficiently.

As for your overall question, absolutely doable. Good luck.

2014-08-28 9:01 AM
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Subject: RE: First tri done, now to get faster

Congrats on your 1st tri!

Speaking from experience, you can definitely drop 20+ min from this year's time in next year's race.  For me, upping the number of workouts and increasing intensity on some of them did wonders.  Good luck!

2014-08-29 8:10 PM
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Subject: RE: First tri done, now to get faster
Great job. Sounds like you've got a good a plan. As another poster pointed out definitely add some post bike runs even if they are short. Clip-on aero bars will help but just riding more will definitely help. I'm going to get a bike trainer for myself soon too to get some focused workouts. I like riding outside but focused workouts can get hard even on bike paths with other cyclists, runners, street crossings etc. Good luck!

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