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2014-09-18 10:30 PM

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Subject: Mary 12 weeks post IM
So I did IMLP on 7/27. Not a blazing effort, but I still needed a bit of time to recover. I took off 2 weeks completely. I started slowly and had some PF issues. I am now running pain free and I am up to a 14 mile long run at my decent long run pace.

The Mary is just over 4 weeks away. I am not expecting a PR, but I hope to run under 4 hours (PR is 3:48). Any thoughts on getting in 15-16 this week and a single 20 miler 2 1/2 weeks out, then doing the full, or should I just ease it back and try to run a faster 1/2?

How much does all of my endurance gained over the summer for the IM count now? Did I lose much of the gains in the 2 weeks off, then the 2+weeks of limping through PF?


2014-09-18 10:48 PM
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Subject: RE: Mary 12 weeks post IM
What's your total mileage at right now? If you're injury free, I definitely see you being able to do a marathon but how fast you do it in is sort of up in the air. I did IMWI ~2 weeks ago and an signed up for a marathon this weekend. I don't expect to break any records but I do expect my IM base fitness to help me out and yours will too.

It's honestly really hard to say if your IM fitness from 2 weeks off + 2 so-so weeks will carry over. You'll be able to do the race for sure but to PR may be asking much. I can let you know how I do this weekend. I want to PR too but being honest with myself, I know that after the 1/2 way point I'll start to feel it but I still want to do the race to see what I can do. Also I trained for an IM and not a marathon so I know I have endurance but it's questionable if I have the endurance to run a marathon at a mix of Z2/Z3 right now instead of just Z2 (IM pace/zone).
2014-09-18 11:14 PM
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Subject: RE: Mary 12 weeks post IM
Sorry reread post and you said you aren't expecting a PR. I say got for it! You may very well PR if things go excellent (but like me, don't feel bad if you don't!) but you'll be able to knock it out for sure. Worst case will probably be 4:30 for you but I'm guessing your IM fitness + training will likely get you to low 4 hours or a little lower, based upon your PR.

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