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2015-07-24 11:35 AM
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Southampton, Ontario
Subject: RE: Has triathlon lost it's "cool"?
what? Triathlon's not cool??!?

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2015-07-24 12:19 PM
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Sarasota, Florida
Subject: RE: Has triathlon lost it's "cool"?
Go figure.
I begin pursuing a new hobby and it's another uncool one. haha
I'm already told 2 out of 5 of my hobbies are nerdy.

The prices do surprise me.
Have they always been this high?

I have always made an attempt to run at least one run a year which usually costs me $15-$50.
Now that I'm looking for triathlons on, I see most of them range $130-$160 which is a huge increase.

I wouldn't mind buying in if a good portion went to charity, but just to become "official" might discourage some looking.

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2015-07-24 12:37 PM
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Southern Indiana
Subject: RE: Has triathlon lost it's "cool"?
I would agree. Race prices have been climbing and climbing, which might discourage new participants. I did a HIM 4 years ago for about $75, now some Oly's that used to be less than $40, push $100+. I still love training at a high volume, and even though we can afford it, it is hard for me to justify (in my mind) paying the high cost for another IM, especially if it is going to a for-profit group, rather than at least partially to charity or fund raising like some running races.
2015-07-24 3:45 PM
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Sarasota, Florida
Subject: RE: Has triathlon lost it's "cool"?
What's funny, is I found some that are for charity and they are significantly cheaper than the USAT ones.

I understand nothing is free, and we should want to support the community, but it just seems like there could be different options. Like, lower price, exclude swag, but sell swag where all purchases go towards charity or profit, or maybe the option to opt out of swag so the remaining price could go to charity. I'm not judging, just making observations and wondering a little.

I would hate to suggest this, but maybe supply/demand allows for higher prices making it more exclusive, adding to the cool factor? I have no idea. I just know I wasn't expecting most races to be that pricey.

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2015-07-24 6:49 PM
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Bellevue, WA
Subject: RE: Has triathlon lost it's "cool"?

Prices have been going up for years.  Ten years ago one local sprint was $40, this past weekend it was $100.  Running races have gone up too.  10Ks that were $25 are now $50.


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