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2015-01-09 9:39 AM
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Apex, NC
Subject: RE: What is elite?
Originally posted by brigby1

Originally posted by smoom Not sure how to quote on my iPad. This is for Clempson about age group elites... I'm curious. I've never heard of age group elites. In our local races we have an open category who race outside the AGs and for the OA. Is that what you're referring to or something else? (I'm keenly aware of the opens because inevitably I win or podium in my AG and get all excited only to learn the some dude or dudes from my AG were in the open category and spanked me.)

I've seen this done in a few ways. Sometimes this wave is its own race and others it's simply a wave with the fast people going for the overall. When the wave is its own race, they mean just that. Only the people in that wave are competing with each other and have their own final standings. All the other waves work like most AG races do. Separate overall winners and separate age group placings for each. In the latter case, it seems that the "elite" wave may be to help attract some of the faster folks to a little more beginner friendly race. Everyone is combined into one big list in the results. Sure it's handled other ways as well.

Oh, ok. That's what I'm used to.

And yes, I am from NC and race Setup, FS, etc.

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