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Subject: Wetsuit shops near Huntington beach?
I'm going to be in the Huntington beach area in March and am wondering if there are any Tri shops in the area. I'm in need of a new wetsuit for the 2015 season but they are hard to find up here in Central British Columbia. I'd really like to try a couple on and avoid the hassles of returning a mail order suit.
I've got a couple of days to wander the area so any suggestions for Tri/running shops would appreciated

Doug B
Prince George, BC

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2015-01-09 7:13 PM
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Huntington Beach, California
Subject: RE: Wetsuit shops near Huntington beach?

There are 2 shops that aren't far...

Triathlon lab in Redondo Beach is a great store and about 45 minutes north of HB...I have shopped there and can vouch that its a good shop (actually got one of my wetsuits there)

Tri Zone is in Cerritos, about 30 minutes from HB...I haven't shopped there (yet) but they have a web site you might check out for more info

Enjoy your stay in Huntington...I live here, and its beautiful...tons of great spots to run, bike and swim!


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Subject: RE: Wetsuit shops near Huntington beach?
TRI-ZONE. It is on the border of Los Alamitos (Cerritos AVE not the city of Cerritos). Super friendly and knowledgable staff. If you need a bike fit, Gayla is a retul certified fitter.
2015-02-20 5:00 PM
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The Beach, CA
Subject: RE: Wetsuit shops near Huntington beach?
Also Tri Pacific on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore.
Both Tri Pacific and Tri Zone are great local shops, friendly and knowledgeable staff with lots to see.
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