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2015-02-16 9:41 AM

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Livonia, MI
Subject: Where to run in St. Pete Beach?

I'm heading down this weekend and will be staying around 4000 Gulf Blvd.  My plan was to just run Gulf Blvd. but my mom is paranoid because she's been hearing stories about pedestrians getting hit and traffic being aggressive.  I just need a 7-8 mile out and back route (so really only 4 or so miles one way).  I'm working through some foot/ankle issues so road running is preferable (i.e. I can't do that many miles on sand).  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!

2015-02-16 8:39 PM
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Subject: RE: Where to run in St. Pete Beach?
If you head south you aren't far from the don Cesar. Once you pass the don you'll have access to some neighborhoods that are less trafficy than if you head north. Another option would be to head east on the pinellas bayway. The new bridge is steep but it has a wide pedestrian path with a wall between traffic. Once you pass over the bridge you can turn into isla del sol and that is traffic friendly. The causeway heading toward fort desoto is a bit tough on the joint if you are feeling tender

2015-02-23 11:51 AM
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Saint Petersburg, FL
Subject: RE: Where to run in St. Pete Beach?
10 minute drive to ft Desoto park and the inside loop of the park (nice bike path protected from traffic) is about 9 miles. easy to get to from St. Pete Beach. I train out there all the time. If the tide is out, run down the beach on the firm sand.

good luck
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