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2015-02-23 7:18 AM

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Subject: 2.23.15 Monday Morning!

Good morning BT! Last week of February...holy cow!

4:30am:  70 minute run

5:45am:  15 minutes of core

Yesterday had a great training workout as well...just forgot to start the thread!  

Here's to a great week!

2015-02-23 8:03 AM
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Ontario Canada
Subject: RE: 2.23.15 Monday Morning!
Good Morning

Over to the Pool at Lunch for me today Short Course today so Drills drills and more drills.

Have a great day all
2015-02-23 8:53 AM
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Subject: RE: 2.23.15 Monday Morning!
An hour on the trainer for intervals this evening after a long day at school with Parent Teacher conferences. Only 82 days till IMTX!!!
2015-02-23 12:19 PM
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Spokane, WA
Subject: RE: 2.23.15 Monday Morning!
Good morning.

Enjoying my rest day today.

Have a great day!
2015-02-23 3:24 PM
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Scottsdale, AZ
Subject: RE: 2.23.15 Monday Morning!
Hey there!

Had a great rest day yesterday...too much food though - I was HUNGRY!

5:15am - 6.5 mile run

9:30 - 50 min spin - new class for me - finally! Been needed to increase the number of classes I teach (need the money) and this one was great! Wouldn't call it much of a training ride but good to get the legs going!

45 min of ST afterwards - nice to be at a gym again where I can get it done right after!

Have a great day all!
2015-02-23 6:14 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: 2.23.15 Monday Morning!
Lost all of Sunday and Monday on a plane (due to time difference, left for airport at 6 AM Sunday, got back to Saigon at 1 AM on Tuesday). Feel like my HIM training is still not really getting off the ground. OMG I hate the "world's longest commute"! Tuesday now and headed out to attempt a short run and some strength stuff at the gym.

2015-02-23 7:08 PM
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Carlsbad, California
Subject: RE: 2.23.15 Monday Morning!

Yesterday I did my planned Medium/Long Run (In the windy rain) and suffered a bit. I ended up with a fairly large negative split mostly because I ran the first 8 miles into the driving rain and wind and then did the last 8 with the whole mess at my back. It really was a nice run though. (16 Miles)

Today I headed out at lunch and ran down through the lagoon to state beach and then down to Mussel Rock on Black's Beach and back. (10 Miles) Legs were a little bit sluggish today and not sure if it was yesterday's workout or just accumulated fatigue from the trails and speedwork from last week. A 16 miler is usually pretty routine and recovery comes very quick.

Still was a very enjoyable run as the storm passed by and the air was super clear and crisp; but not cold. Just enough of a breeze to offset the bright sunshine and super dark blue ocean.

Might need to keep an eye on this as it could be early signs of over-training. I did 90 miles last week which is no big deal but I did have several high quality runs throughout the week.... Probably also need to watch my nutrition to make sure I am getting enough protein and vitamins.


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