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2015-04-11 10:04 PM


Subject: How to switch shorts in a half ironman
So I will be doing my first ever triathlon in less than a month, and it's a half ironman. I've tried tri shorts before, but for me, they don't have enough padding. I'd like to wear bike shorts for the bike and compression shorts for the run, but i've heard that half ironmans don't have changing tents. So i've considered wearing compression shorts under my bike shorts then just taking off the bike shorts for transition 2. Is this probably my best alternative, or is there anyway to change shorts at a half?

2015-04-11 11:22 PM
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Tacoma, Washington
Subject: RE: How to switch shorts in a half ironman

Just assume that you won't be able to make a full change. You might consider going with two tri shorts instead -- even doubled up, they'll dry faster than bike shorts during the ride.

2015-04-13 8:11 PM
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East Syracuse, New York
Subject: RE: How to switch shorts in a half ironman
yeah i always wore a pair of compression short/underwear kind of things under my bike shorts. Ive seen ppl just drop trou and change too lol
2015-04-16 11:27 AM
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Bellingham, WA
Subject: RE: How to switch shorts in a half ironman

I have also worn a pair a compression shorts (Nike Pro) in several IM's.  Just wore the shorts under my wetsuit.  Slipped on normal cycling shorts in T1.  Removed cycling shorts and slipped on running shorts in T2.  Has worked great for me.  Practice a few long rides with whatever you decide to do to make sure it works out ok on race day.

Good luck.

2015-04-17 3:01 PM
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Nashville, TN
Subject: RE: How to switch shorts in a half ironman
if that is the case then just run in the bike shorts also... no real changing rooms in a half
2015-04-21 11:29 AM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: How to switch shorts in a half ironman

I ware my Speedo Jammer swimsuit for the whole triathlon.  I am 170 lbs so I there is a fair amount of weight on the seat with out any padding but I seem to be just fine for a 3 to 3-1/2 hour ride and can run after a 3+ hour ride in the Jammer Swimsuit with out any problem.  I would hate to have to change shorts in the transition which is why I ware the swimsuit for the whole event, but If I couldn't get around it I would place a towel on the transition area and when I get there wrap it around my waste like a Lava Lava or Sarong then change the shorts from under the towel while standing up.  You will defiantly want to practice this to make sure you know how to tie the towel so it doesn't fall down and how to change the shorts with out flashing anyone.  When tied correctly (ask any Polynesian for tips is you need help)  you can tie it in 2 seconds and it will stay up all day long.  Others may have better suggestions on how to do this with out a changing tent, but that is what I would do.    

2015-05-14 7:57 PM
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Canyon, Texas
Subject: RE: How to switch shorts in a half ironman
I've only done one HIM but BSL has port-a-johns in transition... you can change in them.
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