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Subject: Dream, Believe, Achieve Triathlon (Formerly Johan's Trifest)
Hello Tri-heads!
I did the Dream, Believe, Achieve Triathlon last year. It used to be Johan's Trifest. There were not too many people there last year,likely because it was a first year event. However, this is a great venue so I'm thinking more will be out this year. Is anyone thinking about doing this one this year?
Anybody do it last year? What was your experience like?
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Triathlon can cure smoking and drinking. Listen as to how taking up the multisport lifestyle has turned Dream Chaser's life around.
date : January 8, 2010
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I had decided on doing an Ironman when I was in second grade, after my dad and mom left for Hawaii for two weeks so dad could do the Kona Ironman. Triathlon seemed to be the ultimate sport.
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Excerpts from the full-length movie of three BT'ers following their dreams to Ironman. Josh talks about his Ironman dream in this episode.
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I was passing others who were saying, "Good job, 587" (that was my race number). People were cheering me on. These were the nicest people I have ever been around!
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Making goals achievable is an important part of reaching our end goal. Also, having a bar that is set high is important, so we are always striving for something better.
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One year ago I was 90 pounds heavier and dreaming of being able to walk without a wobble. I never considered doing a triathlon.
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Until last year an Ironman was just a dream. Now it has become a goal. I needed to start, but where?