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2015-11-02 12:38 PM

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Chelmsford, England
Subject: stress sucks!
well its my second year at triathlon and did my first 70.3 at the end of the season after visiting a mind coach that got me to the start line but for some reason I have gone backwards and second guessing everything I do.

I just managed to start getting back into training after 2 months off but ive forgotten nutrition basics for training, its amazing what little things can keep you up at night. if I go for an easy zone 2 3 mile run do I need anything to recover or if I do a intense 1 hr bike ride apart from 800ml protein recover do I need to eat anything extra.

this will sound stupid to most people but your help will be highly appreciated as I have a big year planned for next year

thanks in advance.

2015-11-02 4:48 PM
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Chicago, IL
Subject: RE: stress sucks!

After an easy 2-3 mile run, you shouldn't need anything specific to aid recovery.

A lot of it depends on the context. If you're following a training program, with back-to-back training days, then you'll need to be more diligent with your nutrition.
Also, body composition has an impact (heavy sweater? You'll need to replace salt, etc...), as well as dietary needs/allergies/intolerances.

There's no magic food which is going to make you feel amazing. Just follow a balanced diet.

Most people will tell you it's trial and error. I've been training long enough that I know which foods and drinks sit well, and which don't.
The key is to figure it out before race day.

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