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Subject: Posterior Tibial Tendon injury - any experience?
Hurt mine almost 3 weeks ago doing a high knees exercise in a boot camp class at one of those heart rate training chain places (I do not recommend joining one - I joined as an alternative to swimming, stationary cycling and rowing indoors and was injured on my 3-4 class doing an exercise that they admitted was dangerous - high knees with a resistance band trying to pull me backwards. Now I regret joining). My foot landed wrong and ankle rolled out. It made the most disgusting series of pops. I stopped, went home, iced it 4x's a day, rested and took lots of Advil. Saw the doc as soon as I could (3 days later).

Doc x-rayed and I guess didn't see any kind of damage on the x-ray. Said I probably jammed the tendon and offered me a boot to wear for 4 weeks. They said I could keep exercising, but not to go crazy (rowing, swimming, upper body...found swimming hurt it unless I use a buoy, also found easy stationary cycling is ok). However, I've backed off to very little and I just try to sit a lot when I don't have to go somewhere so I can rest it.

I'm finding that the pain is still as bad as when I hurt it. No bruising, but swelling on the inside and outside of my ankle. Pain into my arch. No way I will be out of the boot after 4 weeks. Follow-up appointment is scheduled for 6 weeks out, but I'm considering asking to move up to 4 weeks because I'm worried the tendon is torn and they will want to do a MRI and maybe surgery.

For anyone who has had this kind of injury, does my description sound like it's more severe than the diagnosis? I've seen a number of people in forums say they finished their season with this kind of injury - I can't even walk using that foot (without the boot), so I definitely could not run or do anything causing impact. I've had a number of injuries and this is one of the worst in terms of pain. If needing surgery, I want to do that sooner rather than later so I'm healed up by June 1.

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Subject: RE: Posterior Tibial Tendon injury - any experience?
MRi would be good to follow up with on this issue. I have tarsal tunnel with pinching on the PTT. I've had a couple of injections as well. My pain goes into my arch too. You might want to read up on it and see if you have similar symptoms. This is a sucky injury good luck
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