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2016-05-22 11:11 PM

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Subject: Had to swim 2 extra laps ??
So I was doing my local sprint last weekend it was a 450 yard 9 lap swim. Basically you wait in line until a lab side opens up and they send you a cross the starting timing mat and you start your swim. So am told to start and hop in the water. As I do each lap I yell out my lap to the counter. One side note to this is the guy I was sharing a lane with was very slow I lapped him 3 times in 9 laps. I finish my 9th lap and hop out of the pool and the lane counter says get back in you've only done 7 laps. So not knowing what to do I hope back in the water and swim the extra 2 laps. All and all I have a ok race and pretty much forgot about it the rest of the day . When I timing and scoring at the end my time for the swim and it comes 1:40 slower than I have ever swam this race. It all reality it did not matter to me as I was pretty much stuck in 3rd place for my age group but it made me think. What could I do different when I got out of the pool should I have ignored the lap counter?

2016-05-22 11:41 PM
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Subject: RE: Had to swim 2 extra laps ??
Well that is a somewhat difficult situation. But good on you for being a good sportsman and just getting back in the pool and rounding out a quick 2 extra laps. Its possible the lap counter official could have simply got confused and miscounted. Stuff like this happens and its better to simply play by the book and get it done.

If you had ignored the lap counter and simply moved on, you could very well have got disqualified and that would have been a whole lot worse. As it is, you still got 3 place and extra credit for 2 extra laps.

You did the right thing, just let it go or perhaps bring it up to a race/timing officiasl. In the end you had a good race and challenging something like that is most likely more hassle then its worth.

Congrats on a solid race and being a good sportsman.

2016-05-23 1:43 AM
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Subject: RE: Had to swim 2 extra laps ??
Did you have a Garmin running? I had a timing discrepancy in a race which got sorted out, but I was going to provide my Garmin data as evidence in case it didn't.
2016-05-23 7:02 AM
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Subject: RE: Had to swim 2 extra laps ??
I would send an email to the organizer with an idea to make it easier for the counters next year. I would not worry about yesterday's results

My son participates in a pool biathlon every fall (scm). They circle swim with 4 per lane the counters have 8 color coded cups with pennies in them for each 50 the counter moves a penny from one cup to the 2nd one. Depending on the age it is 500, 1000 or 1500 so a little bit longer and more swimmers but it takes the remembering out of it
2016-05-23 8:25 AM
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Subject: RE: Had to swim 2 extra laps ??
I had the same thing happen to me a couple weeks ago at my gym's indoor tri. I finished what I thought was my last length, stopped, looked at the counter and he said I still had one lap to go. I was a little puzzled, but I just swam it. I knew I wasn't out for any prizes, so I figured no big deal to do an extra 50, if that was in fact the case. Guess it happens frequently.
2016-05-23 1:51 PM
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Subject: RE: Had to swim 2 extra laps ??
This race is just one of those races for me where weird stuff happens. a few years back my chip was switched with 50 year old woman. She was suprised when she got second overall woman. Again No Big thing but funny stuff sometimes happens

2016-05-24 12:36 PM
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Subject: RE: Had to swim 2 extra laps ??
Although I've not done an indoor tri, I've definitely been a part of plenty of indoor track events a few of which I've had lap counters miscount me on.

Similar kind of thinking though, if you have a way to prove you did the laps like a watch with a lap counter then ignore the official and be on your way. If you don't have any sort of proof other than your own counting then you did all you really could by hopping back in for the extra 2 laps.

As a disclaimer I'm not against being a bit contentious if an official got something wrong and I can back my story up - I guess I'm a little feisty about someone else adding time onto my race.
2016-05-24 4:14 PM
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Subject: RE: Had to swim 2 extra laps ??
I really like the format with the indoor swim because we can race when its still somewhat cold arround here. Race day temps this year was 39. other than some shrinkage it was all good
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