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Elmira, ON
Subject: July 31st: Hamilton - Biathle and Triathle Events!
There is an upcoming opportunity to participate in biathle and triathle events or also a combined event trial.

In 2 weeks on July 31st, Embrace Open Water swimming will be holding their second annual open water Swimfest near Hamilton.
In partnership with Pentathlon Ontario, Biathle and Triathle events will be held as part of the event. The Triathle event will be an excellent opportunity for athletes to compete in a combined Run-Shoot while also experiencing open water swimming.

Biathle and Triathle are UIPM sanctioned sports that combine the combined event of Modern Pentathlon with open water swimming. Rules and details about the sport can be found at

Entry will be $20 , or, if you want to participate in all events including regular open water events found at links below would be $50.00

Information about the other open water events can be found at:

If you have any questions OR want to register , please contact Christopher Rudolph at

The above was sent to me from Pentathlon Ontario. Not sure if anyone is interested in trying a Triathle or Biathle but it sounds like fun for a morning. I have registered as well as my son.

For masters (over the age of 30) the Triathle is:
-5 shots with laser pistol (5 hits or 50 seconds whichever comes first)
-100m swim
-600m run
-the above x4
(Laser pistols are provided by Pentathlon Ontario. All you need is swim gear, and running gear. Tri suit is best for the quick transition.)

-Location: 792 Safari Road Millgrove, Ontario Between Cambridge and Hamilton off of Hwy 6.
-You DONT need any experience in Modern Pentathlon, or Biathles or Triathles. You dont need to know how to shoot and Pentathlon Ontario is very accommodating.
-Its open from Youth upto Masters. (My son is 8 and is participating.)

If your interested in more information, other distances, age groups, setup, etc. Christophers email is:

2016-07-31 7:12 AM
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Subject: RE: July 31st: Hamilton - Biathle and Triathle Events!

This sounds really cool.   WIsh I had seen it earlier.   Was actually going to swim at Gulliver's today but decided on Guelph Lake instead.    Couldn't access the link you provided on the triathle info.   

2016-08-02 10:10 AM
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Elmira, ON
Subject: RE: July 31st: Hamilton - Biathle and Triathle Events!
It was an interesting event. More so cause I got to see an OWS competition...distances upto 10km. All I can say is wow...the caliber of athletes doing this kind of stuff is amazing!

UIPM just updated its websites...sorry about the broken links!

Here are more updated ones:

All the rules, regs, and boring stuff no one likes to read :

Now back to traithlon! Lakeside wont swim bike run itself!

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