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2016-07-27 1:23 PM


Subject: Small trainer tires.
Hi guys first post here! And have a lot of questions about getting a bike trainer setup.

I'm trying to get a bike trainer for the winter and and thinking of a fluid or mag one, but my issue is my only bike i have is an old(ish) TT bike, and it can't take anything smaller than 21mm on the back tire, right now I'm riding a 20mm. So I know I will get another bike eventually but would I be able to make due? I can't seem to find any trainers that would take a 21, and all the trainer tires i see are 23. I will probably be doing 100km or less each week on it would it even be worth getting a trainer tire?

Thanks in advance for any help!

2016-07-27 8:01 PM
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Hudson Valley
Subject: RE: Small trainer tires.
Avoid the problem altogether with a direct drive Lemond wind trainer. The rear wheel is completely removed, and the chain goes over a cassette on the wind trainer axle. It takes a minute to remove the bike and re-install the rear wheel.
2016-08-06 8:32 PM
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Southampton, Ontario
Subject: RE: Small trainer tires.
I have always just used an old tire on the trainer.
2016-08-28 9:29 AM
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Loughborough, England
Subject: RE: Small trainer tires.

I have always just used my normal tire on the trainer.  I have never had a significant issue with increased ware even during times when I am spending hours each week on the trainer.  This might not be the case if you are riding with a very lightweight tire but I don't for day to day training and have never had an issue with using the same tire to ride outside and on the trainer.

2016-08-28 11:18 PM
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Subject: RE: Small trainer tires.
Hi just an update,
I have bought a used Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 which does accommodate my small tire (which i was worried of) and was easy on the wallet. I will likely buy a replacement tire in the winter just in case I wear it out too much.
Thanks for all the advice!

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