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Subject: Bike Tire Question
Hello All,
New to this Tri sport. I finally decided to purchase a road bike so that I would be even more committed to doing a Tri. After all the searching, viewing, reviewing, and test riding I decided on a used Specialized Allez. I test rode an entry Level Giant and BMC LRS01. The BMC was seemed like the bike moved with me instead of against me, really light and comfortable. But, it was a bit pricey and I didn't want to invest in something like that just yet. Ok, so the Allez I have is a base model entry level.

I purchased a pump because I felt like the tires were a little low on air. The PSI on the pump read 100, so I pumped it up to 115 as the tires state. But during my ride last night it still felt as if the tires were a little low on air. Is this normal? I weigh 205 so I don't know if I should pump up the tires a little more because of my weight.

Thanks in advance for your comments. Please let me know if I posted this in the correct forum.

2016-08-06 8:29 PM
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Southampton, Ontario
Subject: RE: Bike Tire Question
tires will naturally loose a little air so checking and pumping them up before each ride is advisable. Regarding the 115psi- Is that the MAX pressure printed on the tire? You dont need to pump them up that hard, there are many opinions on tire pressure but I will leave that to others to chime in on.
2016-08-07 9:14 AM
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Hudson Valley
Subject: RE: Bike Tire Question
I've observed bike tires can lose 10-15 PSI overnight.

I fully agree 115 PSI is very high. I weigh 175 lbs and inflated Michelin Krylion tires to 115 PSI as the instructions on the package said to do. My rear rim cracked around the reinforced eyelets on the drive side! I typically use 90 PSI on the rear wheel per HED's research of optimal tire pressure for 700x23 mm tires on 23 mm wide rims. Since I use 700x25mm tires on the rear wheel, I could get away with as little as 80 PSI since the larger tire holds more air.

Given your weight at 205 lbs, I would recommend 700x25mm tires on the rear wheel inflated to 95 PSI (if there is enough clearance with the frame), and 700x23mm tires on the front inflated to 90 PSI.

As far as the tire losing air during the ride, I recently posted about that on the mechanic thread.
1.) is the rim strip securely in place so none of the spoke holes make contact with the tube?
2.) Is there a sharp object in the tire that cannot be detected by touch, only to be exposed when pressure makes it come in contact with the tube?
3.) is the valve finger tight?

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Subject: RE: Bike Tire Question
Thank you for all the information.

Being a newbie I some how made a tear in the tube near the needle area. So I had to replace the tube. But again, as I was riding both the front and back tires felt a little flat. I observed other rides when they pasted me and did not see their tires to be as flat.

I may take into my local bike shop to have them check it out.
2016-09-26 11:49 AM
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Subject: RE: Bike Tire Question
Figured out the problem...was not pumping in enough air. I decided to go up to the local bike store with my wheel/tire and they showed me how to correctly pump a tire. Go figure...I thought I knew...only took me tearing holes in two different tubes...
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