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Subject: Olympic Fever? Swim Training in Barbados with OLYMPIANS!
Looking to make HUGE gains in your swimming? Finding it hard, swimming once a week? Need some EXTRA to make the difference!?

Consider joining The Freestyle Experience: Camp Barbados for a full week of outdoor swimming dedicated to improving the way you swim forever!

The Freestyle Experience Camp Barbados is designed for all levels of masters and open water swimmers and triathletes and takes place in sunny Barbados, at the National Aquatic Centre’s outdoor pool and the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. The camp is timed to occur during the Barbados Open Water Festival (an incredible 5-day open water event) and the camp pool sessions do not conflict with the BOWF so you can participate in both our pool sessions and the BOWF open water sessions if you wish! What an opportunity!

Your camp will include 10 coached pool sessions, specialized swim clinics (think butterfly and starts and turns), yoga with certified instructors, stretch and strength sessions, team activities (paddleboard yoga in the ocean could be interesting?) team meals and social events and the opportunity to participate in the Barbados Open Water Festival with a group of new friends and teammates.

The Freestyle Experience coaches are all Olympians and they will guide you through the paces of the camp while considering your abilities and goals. Your coaches have won medals at the Pan AM Games, Pan Pacific Games, Commonwealth Games and World Championships…… so they know a thing or two!

Sign up now before it is too late!

Katie Brambley
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