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2016-09-07 8:54 PM

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Subject: Race week; I'm way to relaxed...
So about to go on my 4th race Saturday. I'm feel like I'm way too calm, I've never felt this comfortable on a race week.

I hope I'm just confident in my training rather than being complacent with my results. Looking at historical times I have a chance at placing in my age group, so I feel like this should make me more nervous.

Anyone else have the experience where on race #X you just felt comfortable?

2016-09-07 10:55 PM
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Vancouver (not Canada) Washington (not D.C.)
Subject: RE: Race week; I'm way to relaxed...
I've always felt pretty lazy the week before a race. Not jitters or panic as much as just a strong urge to get going.

At this point all of your training is in the bank, you can't add more without it being a withdrawal. All you can add now is rest, hydration, good nutrition, equipment checks and positive attitude.
2016-09-08 12:22 AM
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Subject: RE: Race week; I'm way to relaxed...
To be honest, I'm almost never nervous before a race, it's kind of strange.

First full Iron, I was bouncing in the water out of excitement, while friends of mine were quietly panicking a bit!

Not being nervous for me has simply allowed me to execute my race plan and not waste energy on being stressed out about the things I can't control anyways.

Plus, we do these things to have FUN!! It should be just that! ^_^
2016-09-14 9:10 AM
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Subject: RE: Race week; I'm way to relaxed...
This week is race week for me, too. And it's my first HIM. I feel like a small part of my brain is nervous and the rest of my brain is going "Why are you nervous? It's just 5.5 to 6.5 continuous hours of exercise...worse case scenario, you get tired and have to walk part of it." that I think about it, maybe the worse case scenario is getting hit by a car on the bike or explosive GI issues...Nope, just don't think about those things.
2016-09-14 9:39 AM
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Subject: RE: Race week; I'm way to relaxed...
I wouldn't say I've ever been 'nervous'...
Except for the first one I did. Just wondering if I'd be able to do it, even though I'd done enough "training"
Then I was nervous for my first Olympic length. Just wondering if I'd be able to even do it, though I'd done enough "training"

Not nervous for my first half. Because by then it was no longer "training". It was training. Quotes removed. I was following a plan. While I had some 'doubt' as I was ramping into the training as to whether I could pull off a half in the allotted time, but the time I was halfway through the program, I was setting goals.....7 hours. 6.5 hours. 6 hours! I knew I'd finish (barring unforeseen). It was just a question of how far I'd take it.

That being said, I'm super anxious before just about any race. The only exception was one this spring that I kept thinking was "a few weeks from now". I kept thinking that right up until the email from the race director came..."Schedule for this weekend's race". At that point, I became a little anxious, but not worried as I knew I was putting in the fitness on a regular basis to pull it off with decent aplomb.

I get excited about all this. I think I have the same feelings about a race as I did "vacation" as a kid. I have trouble sleeping the night before. I want to pack a couple days ahead. I have this vision in my mind of all the fun things I'd like to see happen. I'm a bit like Clark Griswold on vacation now with my kids, and I suppose I'm a bit that way about racing. I know that's maybe not very flattering, but I can't help it.

I was just thinking about 10 minutes ago before I logged on, how I hope I can communicate my enjoyment of all this to my kids and encourage them to go after something they want...and to not wait. I wish I hadn't started this when I was 40+. Not because I'd be "better" or have "gone faster"....but because I would have had many other years of having done it and enjoyed it by now.
2016-09-14 9:54 AM
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Aledo, Texas
Subject: RE: Race week; I'm way to relaxed...

I've definitely felt comfortable in running races, but not tris (I've only finished 3 tris now). Based on past running races, I knew I could trust my training, and so felt good coming into the race.

I'm not quite there yet with tri, as I'm still fairly new to it. I had enough challenges in my first one this year that I had some anxiety about particular components of my second race. Ask me again in a year, and I bet I feel pretty comfortable going into the race, just like you.

Have fun and kick some butt - you already know you can!

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