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2016-10-16 9:20 AM

Subject: Rhomboid pain and back spasms

About 3-4 months ago I somehow injured my right rhomboid (not sure if major or minor) pretty severely. There's a lot of pain when I lie down and a large percentage of my back will spasm if I lift my arm above my head. I also experience a small amount of pain after 30-45 minutes of running, but the real pain comes at night when I lie down the night after a run. I can't swim freestyle without my whole back spasming, but I can swim breaststroke with no issues whatsoever. I've been to a couple of physios and they haven't been able to help. My wife seems to think it might be related to my posture and I'm somewhat inclined to agree. I've been icing and heating and massaging, but I just can't kick this injury.

Tris are just not happening in my near with without running and only being able to swim breast stroke.

Has anyone here experienced similar symptoms? If anyone has had this problem and recovered, what did you do? If it healed with primarily the passage of time, how long did it take?

Any suggestions or insight would be appreciated.

2016-10-16 6:42 PM
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Brooklyn, New York
Subject: RE: Rhomboid pain and back spasms
Let me tell you. I spent years in weight training and competition and been in multi sport for 2 years now. I have had multiple partial tears of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Get an accurate diagnosis and do the proper range of motion resistance exercises to correct.....and......ACUPUNCTURE with a qualified practitioner. I swear by it
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