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2016-11-02 7:26 AM

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Subject: 11.2.16 Tuesday Training!

Good morning BT!

4:30am:  :60 minutes on the trainer: WU/main set of intervals/cool down.  This is the first trainer workout I have been given by my coach--harder than anything I would put together for myself and this is just the beginning--lol!

5:30am:  :30 minutes upper body strength/core

Have a great day!

2016-11-02 7:50 AM
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Tyrone, Georgia
Subject: RE: 11.2.16 Tuesday Training!
Sounds like a great trainer workout.

5:00 am treadmill 2.5 miles
5:45 am easy 1100 swim set

Fly to Burbank this afternoon for meetings tomorrow and then back to Atlanta on Friday morning so probably nothing more than a treadmill run tomorrow at the hotel

Have a great Wednesday!
2016-11-02 7:58 AM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: 11.2.16 Tuesday Training!
Fun times with the trainer! I can recall some workouts where I really wanted to e-mail and say, "I'm just not physically capable of this. Please give me the creampuff version"! But I was too embarrassed to say that, so I went ahead and tried. In most cases I actually could do it but it was quite ugly. In a few, I actually couldn't. Just did what I could! There is one day I won't soon forget--two hard trainer workouts in one day and on the second, I was supposed to hold some ungodly power (90% FTP?) for 30 minutes straight. Plus it was the first day of school. Only a teacher could understand the depths of mental and physical fatigue that would result!

Also did 60 minutes on the trainer (at 5 AM); not too awful but a bit of epic cadence fail. Supposed to build from 90 to 110 RPM, alternating "easy" and "harder" efforts (gearing). One gear was no problem for "easy", but the next one down felt a lot harder. I was fine at it for 90 and 100 RPM but for the life of me I could not hold it at 110 RPM for 30 seconds. HR didn't hit max, but I just couldn't make my legs go any faster. Power actually was just around my 20 minute test power or within 10 over it, but 1. I think I have lost some major top-end bike fitness since Worlds and 2. I don't normally do those tests or really hard intervals at 110 RPM. They would be in a harder gear at something like 95. Ugh.

15 minute brick run after. That felt great after all the bike struggles!
2016-11-02 1:05 PM
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Aledo, Texas
Subject: RE: 11.2.16 Tuesday Training!

The title of this thread threw me for a loop. What day is it? Aaaah.

12:00 - 1500 yard swim, with 20 x 25 at moderate effort. Was a benchmark swim to see where I'm at. Felt pretty good, considering I haven't been in the pool since September.

Happy hump day!

2016-11-02 6:37 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: 11.2.16 Tuesday Training!
Right, oops. That was Wednesday's workout (I think?)
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