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2016-11-09 10:15 AM

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Pfafftown, NC
Subject: Road Bike Tires
I signed up for a ride for the spring (Metric Century with a big climb). I'm going to be on the roadie a lot, over the winter. Right now, I'm running 700x23 mm tires. I read a lot about people using "up-to" 28 mm tires. I'm going to (unless someone tells me it's a bad idea) run my race wheels (FLO 60/90) for the ride and I'm wondering if they're compatible with the 28 mm's......and if this is a good setup (for a ride with quite a bit of climbing)?

Thanks for your input.

2016-11-09 11:12 AM
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Aledo, Texas
Subject: RE: Road Bike Tires

Flo recommends that you run 23mm tires with the wheels. I know that other sizes will work, but don't know specifically about 28mm. Shoot Flo an email - they'll definitely respond. Good luck.

2016-11-09 11:54 AM
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Subject: RE: Road Bike Tires
So, I have 700x23 road tires. I would like to ride gravel since that is probably 90% of the road surface available to me. Could I just put 25 or 28 tires on those rims and ride gravel, or do I need bigger rims, or do I need a gravel grinder bike. keep in mind that I am cheap.
2016-11-09 2:03 PM
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Melbourne FL
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Subject: RE: Road Bike Tires

Not compatible for optimal aerodynamics but if you want a nice ride, lower Crr then the 28C will work as long as they fit within your fork and chainstay spacing.  Nothing different than me running the GP4000s 23C on my old 17C Felt rims where they stuck out like a light bulb but rode real nice.  From for the GP4000 (assuming you are using these tires?):

"On a 17C rim and an air pressure of 100 psi, all versions of the GP4000S II are a bit wider than specified. With the 23C being 25 mm wide, 25C 27 mm wide and the 28C a whopping 31 mm wide"

IIRC, the Flo rims have an internal 19.5mm width so if you are going to use these tires the 25C & 28C tires will likely measure slightly wider than stated above, but you probably won't need to be running them at 100 psi either. 

FLO's aren't light but what goes up must come down!


2016-11-09 4:06 PM
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Pfafftown, NC
Subject: RE: Road Bike Tires
I spoke to Chris today. He days I'm fine w/ 28 mm.

I'm NOT worried about speed with all. I'm still trying to get really comfortable on my road bike. I'm MUCH more comfortable on my tri bike.

Thanks for your help.
2016-11-10 11:35 AM
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Subject: RE: Road Bike Tires

Tire manufacturers frequently give compatibility charts like this one from Schwalbe

Just look across the top for your rim width, and then scan down for the tire widths that are considered by the tire manufacturer compatible.  I didn't look for GP4000 compatible charts but they are probably available too.

Same advice as above for checking clearances.  If you go up in size, it is probably worth checking your frame after a ride to see if there is evidence of the tire rubbing.  The torque of pedaling and braking and the lateral load from rocking the bike as you pedal pulls the rear rim toward the seat stays.  

2016-11-10 11:46 AM
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Subject: RE: Road Bike Tires
For long off road/gravel ride last year, I tried to install 28MM Conti GP4000 on my Cannondale Super Six but they could quite clear front fork. Ended up going with 27M Vittoria Pave tires and very happy with them.

So definitely make sure the 28M will fit. Mine are still sitting unused in garage. Been meaning to sell them at some point. Happy to part with them for a good price if you had interest.
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