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2016-12-05 2:31 AM

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Subject: Need to change plan , how?
I have started having problems with my back and hips lately and i need to adjust my training plan. I need to choose another one and i cannot find how to delete my current one. Tried search but didnt find it . Any suggestions?

2016-12-05 3:01 AM
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Subject: RE: Need to change plan , how?
Found it in training calendar. I never view that page but found a delete button in the top right corner, in case anyone else finds this thread with similar request.
2016-12-05 6:09 AM
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Columbus, Ohio
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Subject: RE: Need to change plan , how?
I'm glad you found it. Sorry I didn't have a chance to reply first!
Also if you import a new plan that goes past the finish date of your old plan, it will overwrite and your old plan will be effectively deleted.
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