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2017-01-07 10:09 AM

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Subject: Hoka users: Clifton
I am pretty much a dedicated Hoka One One runner, and very glad to see the nice expansion of their line since the days of just Bondi and Mafate. I bought a pair of Cliftons because the relatively normal weight of the shoes really intrigued me as Bondis (my go-to trainer) are like tying on bricks. I find the Cliftons to be the nice cushy ride I have become accustomed to but it is clear they shaved weight in the midfoot support, so I find them a little "sloppy". I am thinking about taking the Cliftons out of my regular training rotation and reserving them for races as that is probably their best application. Anyone else checked out Cliftons?

2017-01-07 2:23 PM
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South Windsor, CT
Subject: RE: Hoka users: Clifton
Not a bad plan. I asked for, and got, 2 pair for a Christmas present from my wife. I have my 'race pair' and my training pair. I don't use them often through the rotation but the extra cushioning helps my back on LR's and when it is acting up and I still want to do some running. I prefer the Clifton too and agree that the Bondi is heavy. I don't like the support as much either but use that shoe more frequently in my rotation of 5 shoes, which also include Asics GT 1000's.

You will likely find that they wear out faster too. I did not get my usual 400-500 miles. This could be from my over-pronation and added wear along the sides with a softer shoe.

But I really like them for racing HIM and IM. I use lighter flats for shorter races usually.
2017-01-07 2:56 PM
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PEI, Canada
Subject: RE: Hoka users: Clifton

Cliftons are my current shoe - both for training and racing.  The original was great, v2 not so great but v3 regained some favor with me.

2017-01-07 3:49 PM
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Subject: RE: Hoka users: Clifton
I have the v3 and use them for shorter runs and races. I also have the Bondis that i use for longer runs. Love them both.
2017-01-10 8:47 AM
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St. Joseph, MI
Subject: RE: Hoka users: Clifton
Switched from Brooks Pure Flow to Cliftons. Wasn't real impressed with the build quality, part of the sole on each shoe gradually wore off and began dragging with each step until I cut it off. Mainly due to how I run but I've never had a shoe do that. Also some of the fabric on the upper began peeling away from the mesh within weeks of running. These were the first model for the Cliftons so I don't know if any of my issues would've been addressed.

That being said, I will buy another pair. I loved the feel and was able to get 425 out of mine. Just waiting for my Bondi's to wear down a little more before I make the buy.
2017-01-10 9:09 AM
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Subject: RE: Hoka users: Clifton
So, I haven't tried the Clifton, so it's somewhat off topic. I tried on a pair of Claytons last summer and was AMAZED. Didn't have the moolah for a pair but they will be my race shoes this summer. My current trainers are a pair of Infinite I picked up at Left Lane Sports for dirt cheap. 2 runs on them and I'm happy with them. I don't think I can run with anything else anymore. Last year I had a pair of UA shoes(forget the name), but they did alright for my running. Still have them as a backup pair if needed.

2017-01-10 9:18 AM
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Subject: RE: Hoka users: Clifton
I've gone through 2 pair's of Clifton's. I loved them but as a slight pronator and not being 150 lbs, I found I wore them out too quickly. I've since switched to the Vanquish and haven't looked back. Them seem to have some slight stability support but aren't flat, bulky bricks like some of the other stability shoes I've run in over the years.
2017-01-10 11:13 AM
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Tyrone, Georgia
Subject: RE: Hoka users: Clifton
I have 5 pair of Cliftons that I rotate through as well as a pair of Odyssey's. On the Cliftons I have found the evolution especially from the 2 to 3's that the toe box and even upper to be a little more roomier, not necessarily a good thing. I am in a size 14 but overall find with a good sock that they are not too sloppy.
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