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2017-02-27 10:30 AM

Miller Place, Long Island
Subject: Bike wheels -- Upgrade??
Hi Everyone!

I recently purchased a new tri bike (Quintana Roo Kilo). I'm, of course, very excited about getting on the bike in some training and races this season. I was thinking that I'd like to upgrade the wheelset, but with the cost of the bike and an upcoming trip to Hawaii, cash flow is kinda tight. so, heres the question:

The bike came with Shimano RS010 wheels. I know that those are a common stock wheelset on new bikes.

I have a brand new set of Mavic Aksium 1 wheels in my garage (


I came across these Vuelta 37mm wheels on Nashbar

So, I guess what I'm really asking is, Is the Aksium an upgrade over the stock shimano wheels or are they pretty much even. Would the Vueltas be an upgrade over either??? I really love the looks of the Vuelta wheels and all of the reviews on it are great.

Thanks for any help!

2017-02-27 10:44 AM
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Tucson, AZ
Subject: RE: Bike wheels -- Upgrade??
Save your money, don't bother upgrading. Those stock wheels are fine. I ride the cheapest beefiest wheel I possible can for everyday riding.
2017-02-27 11:03 AM
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Melbourne FL
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Subject: RE: Bike wheels -- Upgrade??

X2 save your money and enjoy Hawaii!  For several years now the latest rims are now wider that allow for wider tires without much compromise on aero and benefits included lower air pressure for better ride and lower Crr.  When you have ~ $500-650 ready, hang out on eBay, ST/BT classifieds and grab yourself a used set of FLO's. Almost 2 years ago I bought barely used FLO 60/90 aluminum/carbon set (Gen1) on eBay for <$650 shipped that came with GP4000s tires and latex tubes.

2017-02-27 11:26 AM
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Overland Park, KS
Subject: RE: Bike wheels -- Upgrade??
Agree with the others save your money. You're only talking 2 minutes of time saved over a HIM bike course anyhow with race wheels.
2017-02-27 1:30 PM
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Subject: RE: Bike wheels -- Upgrade??
At 19mm, those Vueltas are pretty narrow. If you like the aesthetics, then go ahead. But at best it's a push, performance-wise, compared to the Shimano wheels.

The Aksiums may be a slight upgrade from the Shimano's, but the difference is likely so small as to be imperceptible.

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2017-03-01 8:44 AM
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Durham, North Carolina
Subject: RE: Bike wheels -- Upgrade??
Save your money and train on the wheels you have. If you have an A race coming up look into renting some wheels unless by then you can afford some new ones. I would look into used Flo's like someone else mentioned, but there are a ton of options available.

2017-03-01 9:15 AM
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Subject: RE: Bike wheels -- Upgrade??
I fell somewhere in the middle. I have a pair of SuperTeam carbon fiber 50mm wheels, which are quite a bit lighter than my stock wheels. Granted, they sure are not Reynolds or Zipp caliber, but for $400 I am happy. Just a thought.
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