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2017-07-04 10:05 PM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: To all the early risers- tell me how you do it?

 This is like saying, "All you Ironman Finishers - tell me how you do it?".  

There really is not secret.  You just have to commit to doing it and then follow your plan.  If you are halfway committed in an Ironman when it start to got harder that what you have ever done previously you are going to drop out.  If you go into the race totally committed and have decided that no matter how tough it gets you are going to work through it and keep going then there isn't much that can stop you from cross that finish line.  

When we were changing the clocks for daylight saving adjustments one year there was story run on the study of sleep habits and if I remember correctly it was around 4 days that it takes your body to adjust to a change in your sleep schedule.  So just change you schedule and be disciple enough to go to bed earlier so that you can get up earlier.  Yes it is going to be hard to get to bed earlier the first few night and you may not be able to fall a sleep, but getting up earlier with take car of that after a few days you will fall asleep earlier with not problem.  It may still be hard to get up in the morning for a while but that which we persist in doing becomes easier.   

My favorite time to work out is in the early afternoon or evening.  I met a training at 6:00 PM when I was single and when I was a newly wed.  Then kids came along and there was no way that I could make that training schedule work any more.  My wife would be run down after being the sole care giver for 10 hours straight.  I had to hurry home from work to help out with the kids.  As the kids got older if I went to train with a group and didn't get home until 8:00 PM the kids would be in bed by the time I got home and they would never see me because I would be gone for the entire time they were awake.  So I had to choose between 1) never seeing my kids 2) quitting my athletics 3) getting up early in the morning.  I went with the early morning rout.  Now I can get home from work at 6:00 PM and spend time with the family and kids for a few hours before they go to bed at 8-9 PM.  Then I follow them to bed at 9-10 PM.  I can get up at 5:00 AM to work out to 7:00 AM.  I can have breakfast with my kids at 7:00 AM get ready for the day and leave to work at 7:45 AM.

If you have a choice of when you train then choose the time when you are most active during the day so you can enjoy it.  If you have limited time like most of us do then choose the time that works best for your schedule and commit 100% to it. Believe me you can survive early mornings when you look at how much you can from getting up early.

2017-07-04 11:03 PM
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Subject: RE: To all the early risers- tell me how you do it?
I train at night. I am at work most days by 7 am. Several times a month I have to work extended shifts preventing me from training for 30 hours. During the week i do most of my training after 8:30 when the kids are in bed. I love night runs, and I do mostly trainer rides. Swimming is really the only workout I do during the "day light" regularly outside of the weekend.

Sometimes it's best not to fight nature and go with what comes natural to you.

Just my two cents
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