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Subject: Changing clothes?
I have no experience past sprints, but a friend of a friend mentioned the other day that he took too long in transition in I believe a half because he had to wait to get into the changing tent.

I assumed you wear your tri suit or whatever you want from start to finish in the longer races too. Granted a changing tent of some kind sound better for reapplying body glide or any other anti chafe, but I had not even considered changing clothes. What is normal for a half to full distance?

Little (GIANT) things like this are great info that forums like this can provide for us dummies!

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Subject: RE: Changing clothes?
It depends on the race. In an Ironman (TM) branded race they do not allow anything in transition except your bicycle. The odd race will allow you to have your shoes clipped to the pedals but that is it. Everything you need for T1 and T2 is contained in marked bags.

You grab your T1 bag as you come out of the water and run into a change tent. Per ITU rules public nudity is forbidden, hence the change tent. You take out all your gear for the bike from the bag and then put all of your swim gear back into the bag.

In T2 it is the same. You drop your bike off (you rack it yourself or hand it off to a volunteer), grab your T2 bag then head to the change tent to remove your cycling gear and put on your running gear.

In longer events it is whatever you feel comfortable in. I have done races wearing my one piece tri suit and just used T1 and T2 to change the bare minimum (shoes and helmet, then running shoes and race belt). Other races with rain, or very hot weather I have done complete outfit changes dictated by whatever conditions the race throws at you. Everyone says triathlon is about 3 sports, but it is in fact 4. Getting better at transition is "free" speed. If you take 10 minutes at each transition that is 20 minutes longer in your race. Knock that down to 2-3 minutes and you save 15 minutes over the length of your race. Think about how hard it is to knock 15 minutes off your bike time, or your run time.

At the end of your race you retrieve your bike and your T1, T2 and morning clothes bag.

Independent races are different. I have never done a non branded 140.6 (I have done 8 Ironman races), but I have done plenty of non branded 70.3s. In those races that I have done it is like a typical short distance triathlon where all your gear for T1 and T2 is left in the transition area with your bike.

Hope this helps a bit.

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Subject: RE: Changing clothes?
I don't think you'll see changing tents at halfs.
I've not seen one.
I've seen some folks head into a porta potty and come out looking a little different.
I've seen some folks make some minor to significant changes right there in transition.
The bulk of folks just wear whatever got wet.

140.6, I've no experience other than I know there are "changing tents"
From some reading, I have seen that some (many? most?) of the branded full races, you'd have to stop somewhere to at the very least pick up your helmet which is in a bag you dropped off prior to the race as virtually nothing besides your bike is allowed in. Whether that's in the changing tent or not, I don't know.

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Atlanta, Georgia
Subject: RE: Changing clothes?

Good thoughts above, to add:

  • 70.3 distance typically no change tents. Do what you need to do without breaking the "no nudity" rule in transition. It is not common to change clothing, besides adding layers like arm warmers or a rain jacket.
  • 140.6 races will have a more elaborate system as described above with a series of transition bags you pack and drop off in the day(s) prior to the race. In each transition, you will locate your numbered bag and take it with you into the male or female transition tent. There, you can empty your bag and change if you want, apply sunscreen, secure nutrition, etc. These areas are staffed with volunteers to help, but you're not guaranteed to get one. It is much more common to see athletes doing partial or complete wardrobe changes in both transitions, simply due to the sheer amount of time out on course, and the desire to be as comfortable as possible.
  • The other note here is that in Ironman branded races, athletes are required to at least run through the change tent, you cannot bypass it completely. In non-branded races the tent will be much smaller and off to the side of transition; not required to visit (these races allow you to put items with your equipment in transition).
  • In both distances, it is not uncommon to see "public" application of any number of aids - sunscreen, body glide, chamois cream - out in the open, as long as you aren't nude it's OK by the rules. For example, I have had to stick my hands down my tri shorts to apply chamois cream in an open transition out of necessity. No biggie.
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Subject: RE: Changing clothes?
Now this is VERY good information. I have read several online guides and several things talked about having a change of clothes, but I guess I figured it was more for tears, and that kind of stuff. And if you don't know the correct word searches, even a Google search is not good if you don't know to ask if you should change clothes.

I know that my transition time is directly related to total time on the course, but knowing how to plan for reapplying creams, sunscreen, or even a new pair of socks before the run sounds like a good way to refresh your mind anyway. The day is intense and the lack of knowledge makes it even worse, but having a few glimmers of a mental break or refresh may be just what I need to get over the hump and do this!

Thanks again
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