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2017-11-06 8:47 AM
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Subject: RE: Flip turns
On my sole pool swim tri, I didn't do flip turns. I was concerned about snaking into the next lane while flipping. I had never done that, and I've done thousands of flip turns. I figured being a creature of habit, I would end up going the wrong way down a lane.

As for the rest of the swim, I seeded myself at 2:00 per 100m, and finished in 8:05 I think, so I was pretty close with that. It was the first race of the season, and work precluded me from training much for the month leading to this one. I think I passed the same amount of people that passed me, and one of them passed me earlier. I don't recall any breaststrokers. What I do recall was a fellow touching my feet nearly the whole race, but wouldn't pass. The last 50m, he decided to pass me finally, so I sped up. I wasn't going to let him draft me for 350m and then get out of the water first.

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2017-11-06 10:44 AM
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Subject: RE: Flip turns

Originally posted by axteraa

Originally posted by jmhpsu93

Originally posted by Goggles Pizzano
Originally posted by BurchibHi Alice,One comment on your post. I'm probably the opposite. I would not do a pool triathlon unless I could do flip turns. I would never want to hold anyone else up or get in their way during a race.
You’d be one of the few people doing them. Don’t let that hold you back from doing a race that has a pool swim.

Yeah - the flip turning is the least of your worries when doing a pool triathlon.  Be more worried about people who seed themselves totally wrong, breaststrokers you can't pass, people who speed up, slow down, speed up, and then just stop to take a break in the middle of the lane.

Isn't that every day at the pool?

you forgot the people who walk perpendicular across all the lanes without looking.

2017-11-06 3:19 PM
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Subject: RE: Flip turns

Originally posted by briderdt

Originally posted by Goggles Pizzano
Originally posted by Left Brain

Originally posted by Goggles Pizzano
Originally posted by Left Brain

Don't learn flip turns, everybody you race, who does them, will thank you.

Learning to swim and feel the water is learning to swim and feel the water. Flips turns help that.....triathlon swimming is not special swimming.

You haven’t gotten to use that one in awhile. Were you a little rusty or did it roll right off the keyboard ?

Typing is just typing.....there's no special typing.

Whoa hooo ho there. That’s just not true. I learned how to type in a typing class on a manual typewriter (f I’m old) but these kids today are learning on computers with auto correct and all that fancy stuff. Mostly they just text and use abbreviations. For Christ sake, unless you know how to hit a carriage return lever you don’t know . Typing is just typing my ars. Don’t get me started on shift keys and fixing a jam

And correction tape... Hated that stuff.

Posture!  Sit up straight, TOUCH type (they had shields for people caught looking down).  Today's generation is just hunched over tiny keyboards...

As to the OP, flip turns done the way I do them more often give me a lane to myself.  

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