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Subject: Make 2018 the Best Season Yet -- Sprint / Olympic (All Levels) Focus Mentor Group -- OPEN
GROUP FOCUS: Sprints, Nutrition, Lifestyle, etc.

NAME: Nikos Phelps

Username: nfp105

I began training for triathlons nearly 5 years ago because I always wanted to do them. I was a swimmer and a runner in High School and then did nothing for about 10 years before picking up the sport. I continued with triathlons after my first year because I wanted to see what I was capable of. Since then, I've surprised myself with what I've achieved.

I love this sport because it is independent and it enables you to really challenge and push yourself. Nothing compares to the comradery of triathletes. Every triathlete has a story and a purpose. Training is a journey and it should be embraced one day at a time. I'm a firm believer that you can be a triathlete and NOT have to complete a 70.3 or Iron Distance Race. I hate when people say "It's only a sprint!" as if that isn't good enough.

In 2017, I began working with a coach to further develop as an athlete. I'm currently coached by Vassilis Krommidas of Trisutto and Krommidas Coaching. Krommidas is a 16 time Greek National Champion. With his guidance, I had some great accomplishments in 2017:

- Dropped 11 minutes off my winning time from 2016 in Escape the Cape Triathlon
- Finished 4th in AG amd 19th OA at USAT AG Nationals. Also dropped 8 minutes off my time from 2016.
- Finished 7th in AG and 46th OA at ITU AG Worlds in Rotterdam.
- Won the Greek National Championship Race.

When not training, my wife and I own and operate full-time two businesses, we are in the middle of a DIY full remodel/update of a 150 year old farmhouse, and we maintain 8 acres.

FAMILY STATUS: Married w. Pets (3 dogs, 3 cats).

CURRENT TRAINING: My training is for sprint and Olympic Triathlons. Definitely more than what is needed to complete the distance, but training varies from 10 to 16 hours a week. Consistency being key with 3-5 bikes per week, 4-7 runs per week, and 4-5 swims per week. During the winter I add in a weight training program. I use Heart Rate based training. There is a mix of easy and hard, short and long, intervals and steady state.

THIS YEAR'S RACES: Completed a number of Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlons. St. Anthony's, Escape the Cape, New Jersey State, USAT AG Nationals, ITU AG Worlds in Rotterdam, and Greek Nationals. A couple smaller local races as well.

UPCOMING YEAR'S RACES: Currently planned -- Escape the Cape Triathlon, USAT AG Nationals, ITU AG Worlds in Gold Coast, and Greek Nationals. Will likely pick up a few local races as well.

WEIGHTLOSS: I don't have much experience with this, but everything in moderation

WHAT WILL MAKE ME A GOOD MENTOR: Much of what I have learned is through trial & error and research. I believe that as a high performer, I have a responsibility to give back and help grow the sport. There is a ton of information out there -- some correct, some incorrect. I have found that what works for some is not for others and it is important to determine what path is best for you. I believe that my background gives me the ability to help and inspire others to take that step to move forward with their goals or dreams. I watched my brother-in-law lose 30 pounds and complete his first triathlon in 2017 and was proud to have a part in the process. I am not a coach, I do not receive money from sponsors, so the advice I can give is based on my experience and not an agenda. I'm here to support and encourage and hopefully help you complete your best triathlon season yet!
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