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2018-04-04 1:07 PM


Subject: wetsuit or nah?
I'm doing a swim in Lake Tahoe this summer and projected water temperature is 65-70 degrees... not sure what I should do about a wetsuit. I'm an experienced swimmer of 20 years but just really hate swimming in a suit. I have swam Alcatraz (58 deg) in a sleeveless full leg suit and HATED it - chafed and couldn't get used to the leg lift and felt super overheated at the end of the race. So I'm debating investing in a wetsuit for this training and race. Any opinions or thoughts?

2018-04-04 3:39 PM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit or nah?

get a speedsuit.  wetsuits are mostly for being fast unless the temps are too cold for your liking

2018-04-04 5:46 PM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit or nah?
Is this a competitive open water swim? Usually to be eligible for awards those are non-wetsuit, so if that matters to you...

Otherwise, I guess it depends on what's more important to you - going fast or avoiding your annoyance with wetsuits. You will definitely be faster with a suit.

What kind of wetsuit have you used in the past? How long ago was that? In the last couple of years, wetsuits have gotten a lot better when it comes to shoulder restriction and neoprene flexibility. Particularly the Roka arms-up wetsuits. That is not just a marketing gimmick. They are great.

Edit - Also, I used to live right near Tahoe. I would be surprised if the water was over 65 degrees! If the race was wetsuit legal I would definitely want to wear it - not only for speed but for warmth!

- Ed O'Malley

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2018-04-05 5:54 AM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit or nah?
I did a HIM at Lake Tahoe 8/23/15. The lake temperature was 61°F and at the start the air temperature was 42°F. I would check into different wetsuits. My first wetsuit was like a straight jacket. My current wetsuit is very comfortable.
2018-04-05 11:14 AM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit or nah?

Not sure what you have in your area but I rented 3 different wetsuits from Sports Basement until I found the right fit for me and then got a discount on the suit I purchased.
2018-04-05 12:01 PM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit or nah?
Yes its competitive and wetsuit legal, thanks for the tips!

2018-04-05 12:02 PM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit or nah?
Yes we have sports basement here and i've rented from them and been fitted in store...still haven't found a suit that's comfortable. for some reason i still feel like i'm a more efficient swimmer without the suit. so i guess i'm more wondering if the water will be too cold for comfort at this point.
2018-04-05 12:53 PM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit or nah?
I'm like you. I'm a swimmer first and I abhor swimming in a wetsuit. If it's warm enough for me to hack it, I'm always going without putting on that rubber suit. I've done all race distances from IM to sprint without. If it's not too cold, you'll be fine and glad you left it in the car.

However, if it's really cold you should consider using one.


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2018-04-05 2:47 PM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit or nah?
I felt super constricted in the shoulders, so I have a sleeveless suit with sleeves that I added... I've really liked this combo as I can go with or without the sleeves depending on temp.

You might also consider the lava shorts that xterra sells... they're basically just the pants of a wetsuit. TYR also has a pair that are actually shorts and they're $55 on amazon...

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