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2018-07-07 7:43 AM

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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: Spamming!
Is anyone monitoring this site? There were EIGHT PAGES of spam when I checked last night, and it looks like it's still going on. Someone needs to block that user.

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2018-12-18 2:13 PM
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Columbus, Ohio
Coaching member
Subject: RE: Spamming!
Yes, we are! We're also meeting to work on implementing some email verification step so it's not so easy to create fake accounts here.
We already have implemented updated banning of known problematic IP addresses, but people can spoof IPs now. And we have a hidden RECAPTCHA on the registration form, but there are bots that can solve those really quickly.

It's a race against jerks, but we're good at racing!

Also Scott has been a hero at deleting spam and banning the users, but between he and I, we aren't awake at all hours, so we do sometimes have a bunch of it waiting in the morning.
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