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2018-08-08 7:49 PM
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Subject: RE: Swimming Isn't Hard
Very well written Scott and it makes a ton of sense.
For what it is worth, I enjoy the challenge of swimming and want to get better at it so I can have a decent chance at doing well in the bike and run. I respect the complexity and the need for proper technique. I have seen people try to muscle through it and come out of the water scorched. I need that 9 or 15 or 20 minutes to be very efficient so I can perform well. Basically, I swim a lot to be better at the bike, and I bike to get better at the run, and I run to just be better at the run

2018-08-11 5:48 AM
in reply to: k9car363

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PEI, Canada
Subject: RE: Swimming Isn't Hard

Nice write up Scott, I pretty much agree with everything you say.  I'm also a swimmer so maybe that's why. 

The long continuous swim is probably the thing that frustrates me the most.  Many people seem to think that breaking 3000m down to 30x100 or 15x200 isn't representative of being able to swim 3000m yet if you do it with a short rest and execute the set properly it's incredibly valuable.  Someone mentioned "strength endurance" and how you have to swim continuously to achieve that but 30x100 where you are working slightly harder than that continuous pace with 10-15s rest achieves that goal so much better (again assuming the set is executed properly).  Even when swimming in open water you can do similar things.  I swim once per week open water with a group - we do laps of a ~750s course that is a triangle.  Most people just swim it but I break it down and (after a warmup) I do 1 side of the triangle at a strong effort - just above race effort and then 1 side recovery cruise.  Sometimes I do a full 750m at race effort.

Again, good stuff. 

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