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2018-08-13 3:37 AM


Subject: Equipment Used During Tri (Conufsion)
Hello everyone!

Im doing my first IM 70.3 in Lake Placid NY and have been a little confused about the gear that i will be using.
Im currently using my Garmin Fenix 5s watch to train for running and swimming and the Wahoo elemnt Bolt for cycling purposes.

My question is that in your personal opinion/preferences what is best to do in this situation?

1. Using the Fenix 5s (not on triathlon mode) to log the swim. then get on the bike wear the HR monitor and log the cycling on the bike computer. Start running again using the Fenix.

2. Doing all three on the Fenix5s watch. (not used to cycling with it and need to connect all sensors to it).

Im being a little confused about the whole equipment stuff!


2018-08-13 8:31 AM
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Subject: RE: Equipment Used During Tri (Conufsion)
I use a garmin 910 for the entire race plus bike computer. It’s easier for me to switch using multi sport mode then to try and switch between a run and swim specific. I like the bike computer because it’s easier for me to read and in a better position. If it was me I’d use Fenix in tri mode but not hook up bike sensors and go with computer in bike. How hard is it to switch from swim to run on a Fenix?
2018-08-13 8:44 AM
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
Subject: RE: Equipment Used During Tri (Conufsion)

What data do you *need* to get while you race?  

When I used my HRM, I rarely went back and looked at the data.  The race provides a timing chip and will give you splits.  For my last IM, I wore a watch, counting down as a timer from my previous PR so I knew whether that race would become a PR (it did).  Whether the course is long or short, that's what you have to complete to finish the race and it becomes a "philosophical" question whether to use actual distance or advertised distance.  

2018-08-13 1:06 PM
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Subject: RE: Equipment Used During Tri (Conufsion)

Keep it as simple (EDIT : and familiar) as possible.  Reduce to what you really need to know *while racing*.  If you have practiced your pacing by heartrate, then you need to have access to that information.  Otherwise, you don't.  Same for other metrics.  As stated above, there's really no need to worry about 'recording' the race.

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Subject: RE: Equipment Used During Tri (Conufsion)
I use my F5 for everything. If yours has the optical HR sensor, no need for the chest strap.

Works great for open water swimming, pool swimming, outdoor/indoor running and outdoor/indoor cycling.

They only thing it cannot to that some bike computers can do is control smart trainers. I have an Edge 520 that I can download bike routes and it runs my cyclops magnus trainer.
2018-08-13 5:31 PM
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Subject: RE: Equipment Used During Tri (Conufsion)
I use my Garmin 935 to track all my triahtlon disciplines, and then for the cycling part only I also use the 520 Garmin. I do that because it is comfortable to check 520 screen than the watch's screen. I do not use the HR strap, only my 935 HR wrist sensor.

2018-08-14 4:23 AM
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Subject: RE: Equipment Used During Tri (Conufsion)
Thanks! It makes alot of sense to do that. Im literally in love with my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt and am just really comfortable/used to having it on. Since its going to be my first ever IM70.3 my only goal is to finish without any time specific goals (although my times are not so bad but you get the point).

Your all absolutely correct I mean i don't really know why we are all obsessed with recording the race data but i guess my training has mostly been HR Zone specific.

I will record the swim and run on the wrist watch and wear the Wahoo HR monitor when i get to T1 to record the bike segment on the bike computer. Im sure when I T2 i can also connect my garmin to the already worn HR monitor although this part might be a waste of time so maybe just ignore it and run to the finish line.

Thoughts on the matter? Still new to this....

Thanks everyone!
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